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Brink Game Guide: How to play as a Soldier

Our Brink video game strategy guide explains the Soldier’s equipment and skills, offering additional information on how to use them correctly in this first-person shooter video game.

Some of these skills can be purchased later in the game, because they have special requirements; however, after the player buys a skill, it will remain active in the character’s menu.

In Brink, the Soldier is a fighting class but during a battle, Soldiers are also capable to resupply their teammates with ammunition.

Unlike other classes such as the Operative or the Engineer, a soldier’s main task in Brink is to complete the Destruction Objectives, while he protects the support classes (for example: the Medic).

The player, who intends to assume the role of a Soldier in Brink, should know that Soldiers must advance in the front lines, protecting other players.

It is also important to know that many abilities and skills available to a Soldier will boost only his combat abilities.

How to play as a Soldier

The Soldier – Equipment

The Soldiers from Brink are able to use High Explosive Charges (or HE Charges) which allows them to destroy certain objectives in the game. The player has to reach the target and interact with it, in order to place the charge.

After the charge is armed, it takes 40 seconds until the explosion; however an enemy Operative can slow down the timer while Engineers are able to defuse it.

Protecting the objective until the explosion, is the key, but players should not forget that Operatives can disguise as friendly units, and get near the planted charges.

The Ammo Box is included in the Standard Soldier Kit. A Soldier can use the Ammo Box to resupply a teammate with ammunition, when he runs out.

The Ammo Box is an exclusive piece of equipment; therefore a team should always include at least one Soldier.

The Molotov Cocktail acts like a grenade, meaning that players will have to throw it. In fact, a Molotov Cocktail is a bottle of flammable liquid with a rag instead of a cap.

The rag is lit on fire and when the bottle hits the ground and brakes, the liquid will ignite causing an explosion. This weapon is also used in real life, especially during riots. In Brink, the amount of damage caused by a Molotov Cocktail can be lethal.

 The Soldier – Abilities and Skills List

In Brink, the video game, the Flashbang Grenade is the ability which allows a Soldier to equip Flashbang Grenades.

These grenades will blind all enemies in range, but if the friendly fire option is on, they will also blind the Soldier’s teammates. Additionally, players should know that Flashbang Grenades have cooldown periods.

The Scavenge is another exclusive skill, available to the Soldier class. The Scavenge can be used to interact with a dead opponent and pick up his supplies.

Satchel Charges are remote bombs that can be placed by Brink soldiers on flat surfaces. A soldier can plant up to three charges and detonate them at the same time.

Even if their effect is similar to the one caused by mines, it is important to know that Satchel Charges can be destroyed by shooting them.

Brink Video Game
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