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Brink Game Guide: How to play as a Medic

The Medic is a character class from Brink, and plays one of the most important roles in the game, being able to heal and revive his teammates.

Just like the Engineer, the Medic is a support class and is available for both factions of the game: the Security and the Resistance.

Unlike the Operative and the Soldier classes from Brink, the Medic must keep an eye on the entire party and help all players in need, as soon as he can.

The player who intends to assume the role of a Medic in Brink, should know that most of his healing abilities have cool-downs, which means that he must use them wisely and only when necessary.

On the other hand, the rest of the classes should also know this aspect and ask the Medic for help, only when is needed.

Another important aspect of this class is that in Brink, a medic receives more experience points when he heals and revives other players, than the amount of experience points received by killing his opponents.

The guide below shows how to play Brink as a Medic, revealing some of his abilities, equipment ; as well as tricks and tips that will eventually help Medics to survive more in the game.

How to play as a Medic

The Medic – Equipment and Buffs

The medic’s main piece of equipment is the Health Syringe. To use it, the medic throws it to a teammate that needs healing, but the targeted player must decide if he wants to use it or not.

Additionally, Health Syringe revives or to re-spawns, but if the player chooses to use it for healing, it will automatically fill his health bar.

The Health Syringe can also be used by a medic to heal himself; however the cooldown period in this case, is drastically increased. Because of this, medics should always be protected by other classes. If a medic dies, the entire party may fall.

Using the Lazarus Grenade in Brink, medics are allowed to revive their teammates. This pharmaceutical aerosol bomb can be tossed on the ground and all players within its blast radius will be revived.

The Lazarus Grenade also features a cooldown period.

The Medic – Abilities and Skills List

Life Buff 1 is one of the medic’s abilities in Brink. This buff increases the health of a teammate, but the medic cannot use it on him.

Improved Life Buff is an upgraded version of the Life Buff 1  ability. It requires level 15, but the amount of health points added to a teammate is higher. Just like the Life Buff 1 ability, the medic can’t use Improved Life Buff on himself.

Transfer Supplies allows the medic to give some of his supplies to another player.

Self Resurrection is an ability used by the player to revive himself when they he is incapacitated.

Self Resurrection also requires level 15, and can’t be used too often, because it has a long cooldown period.

Fleet of Foot is a useful medic buff which can be used on a teammate to increase his running speed.

Brink Video Game
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