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Brink Game Guide: How to customize your weapon using attachments

The Brink weapon customization guide below explains the basic attributes of the attachments that can be applied on the weapons available in Brink.

Each attachment (upgrade) modifies the weapon’s stats; therefore, Brink players should know how the gameplay will be modified, before purchasing and using a weapon upgrade in Brink.

In order to customize their weapons in the game, players will have to enter the weapon customization menu. In addition to this, the weapon that must be modified should feature one or more upgrade slots, otherwise the attachments can’t be used.

Some weapons from Brink can’t be upgraded, while others support more than one attachment.

Choosing the right upgrade, is important in Brink, and our guide reveals useful in information, strategies, tips and tricks that will eventually help players to pick the best attachments in the game.

How to customize your weapon using top attachments

A top attachment is usually applied on a weapon, to increase the player’s sight when aiming. In Brink, the top attachments can be divided in two categories: scopes and sights.

The scopes and the sights can be added to a weapon in the weapon’s customization menu.


A sight is used to provide better aiming before firing a weapon. Unlike a scope, a sight won’t allow zooming, but it is lighter and it’s also useful in close ranged fights.

The following sights appear in Brink:

Standard Iron Sights – stock sights

Adjusted Iron Sights – an improved version of the Standard Iron Sights

YeoTek Red Dot Sight – a square red dot sight

C-U-Gone Red Dot Sight – a circular sight with a dot in the center

D-Flex Red Dot Sight– an arch shaped sight with a dot in the center


Scopes allow players to zoom before aiming, offering a better view on their targets. Scopes are heavy attachments, and they usually decrease the draw speed of a weapon.

Even so, scopes are preferred by snipers who avoid any close ranged fights. Brink features the following scopes:

COGA Scope – medium scope with medium zoom.

Greeneye Scope – a small scope with a red dot.

Snoop-R Scope – the most powerful and heaviest scope in the game.

How to customize your weapon using front attachments

The front weapon attachments available in Brink can be applied by players who intend to decrease the recoil of their weapons, or the firing volumes.

These upgrades will affect the damage inflicted by weapons as well as their firing range.


The Soda Can Silencer and the Ark Tactical Silencer are two upgrades that can be accessed only by players who pre-ordered Brink – The Psycho Pack.

The Soda Can Silencer can be used by Resistance players, while the Ark Tactical Silencer is available exclusively to Security characters.

Both attachments reduce the damage and range as well as the firing volume. Additionally, the character who’s using a silencer will not appear on the minimaps of his enemies.

Muzzle Brakes

A muzzle brake attachment allows the player to easily control a weapon, by reducing its recoil; but on the other hand, these types of upgrades also reduce the damage.

The Four-Vent Muzzle Brake attachment is a simple front upgrade designed to slightly decrease the weapon’s recoil.

Six-Vent Muzzle Brake reduces the recoil more than a Four-Vent Muzzle Brake but the weapon will also lose more damage.

How to customize your weapon using bottom attachments

In Brink, a bottom attachment can be equipped under the fore-grip of a weapon.

These attachments are also various and they add new options to a weapon, but in order to equip a bottom attachment, that weapon must feature a special slot, which can be observed in the weapon’s customization menu.

Grenade Launchers

Grenade Launcher is a bottom attachment which adds a new function to a standard weapon, allowing it to launch grenades that will explode on impact.

The Grenade Launcher attachment available in Brink requires specialized grenades.

Vertical Grips

The Vertical Grip increases the player’s control over the weapon’s recoil, offering a small advantage when firing a weapon. Players, who intend to use this upgrade, should know that the Vertical Grip decreases the draw speed of a weapon.

Gun Slings and Bayonets

The Bayonet attachment can be applied under a weapon’s barrel and allows players to perform knife melee attacks against nearby enemies.

Gun Slings attachments should be applied by those players who wish to increase the draw speed of their weapons, because this weapon upgrade won’t affect other attributes.

How to customize your weapon using magazine attachments

The magazine attachments available for some Brink weapons, are multiple; however not all of them increase the amount of rounds that can be carried by a weapon.

Without using a magazine attachment, each weapon can only hold a fixed number of rounds, which is given by the standard magazine.

Advancing in the game also grants access to more sophisticated magazines that can be purchased during the weapon customization process. These magazines are:

High-Capacity Magazine – increases the amount of rounds by 1/2 of a standard magazine (for example: if the standard magazine can hold 30 rounds, the High-Capacity Magazine can hold 45 rounds).

Duct-Taped Magazines – these magazines won’t increase the amount of rounds, but they increase the reload speed.

Drum Magazine – this attachment doubles the capacity of a standard magazine.

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