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Brink Game Guide: How to customize your character

Our Brink character customization guide reveals all the options available to players who desire to create a new character in Brink, the video game developed by Splash Damage.

It is known that there are various ways to generate a unique character in Brink, starting with its archetype and ending with the body type.

Mathematically speaking, Brink offers 102,247,681,536,000,000 different character combinations.

It is important to know that the only option that affects a character’s attributes in Brink is the body type, while other options will only modify the character’s appearance, without changing the gameplay.

Additionally, the maximum number of characters that can be created in Brink is ten; however each character features two appearances, for both factions available: Security and Resistance.

How to customize the appearance of your character

In order to change the appearance of a character in Brink, the player can modify the following options during the character’s customization process:

Archetypes – Can be used to change the theme of a character.

Hair – Allows players to change the character’s hairstyle.

Face Overlay – Modifies the character’s face by adding/removing different elements such as bruises or face paint.

Head Gear – This option can be used to add or remove masks, hats or helmets.

Face Gear – Adds or removes pieces of clothing on the character’s face, such as glasses or gas masks.

Outer Top – Changes the outer-layer top of a character.

Pants – Modifies the character’s pants.

Under Top – Can be used to change the character’s t-shirt or tank top.

Voice Pack – This option changes the character’s voice, including the accent.

Tattoos – Modifies the tattoos of a character. Players are able to change the arms, torso and face tattoos.

How to select the body type of a character

Probably the most important character customization option in Brink is the body type, because it’s the only option which modifies the gameplay.

In other words, based on this option, a character may be restricted from using different weapons, or from performing some in-game moves.

Additionally, the character’s attributes (speed or health), will change based on his body type.

Brink features three different body types: LightMedium and Heavy, and all of them are presented below along with tips and tricks that will eventually help the gamer to decide what body type fits his playing style.

Light Body Type Details

A light body type has low health but high speed.

Primary weapons used: Light Weapons, such as sub-machine guns

Secondary weapons used : Handguns

A light body type can perform the following special moves: Wall HopMantleVaulting

Medium Body Type Details

A medium body type has moderate health and speed.

Primary weapons used: Medium Weapons, such as assault rifles

Secondary weapons used : Handguns and Light Weapons

A medium body type can perform the following special moves: MantleVaulting

Heavy Body Type Details

A heavy body type has high health but low speed.

Primary weapons used: Light, Medium and Heavy Weapons, such as grenade launchers

Secondary weapons used : Handguns, Light Weapons, Medium Weapons

A heavy body type can perform the following special move: Vaulting

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