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Brink Factions Guide: The Security

The faction opposed to the Resistance in Brink, the video game, is the Security. Having different objectives and wearing improved equipment, the Security fights against the Resistance, trying to stop their rebellion against the Ark’s leaders.

Players who intend to join the Security while playing Brink, can pick one of the following in-game classes: SoldierMedicEngineer and Operative.

The guide below explains how the Security organization was formed in Brink, what archetypes are supported by this faction, and other differences between this faction and their opponents.

Brink, the video game was released on May 10, 2011 in US. It is a FPS developed by Splash Damage for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Rated T for TeenBrink, was published by Bethesda Softworks, being one of the most expected first person shooters of 2011.

Featuring a single-player mode and a multiplayer mode for up to sixteen players online, Brink uses a modified id Tech 4 engine for an enhanced gameplay, as well as Valve’s Anti-Cheat system that was integrated in the PC version of the game.

The Security

What is The Security 

The Security was formed before the Resistance, when the Arkwas a floating resort. Back then, the Security had to protect the guests and maintain order on the Ark.

Later, when the waters flooded the land, the Ark became a place for refugees; therefore the Security forces were asked to watch over them.

But when the food ratios were reduced and the Resistance was formed, the Ark’s leaders provided more weapons to their Security troops as well as better equipment.

They also received the instructions to stop any rebellion and those who try to contact the Outside world.

The Security vs The Resistance

While the Resistance forces enlisted in the organization because they were unfairly treated, some Security soldiers joined their faction for an extra daily water ratio.

Some of them joined because they believe that the remaining resources should be conserved, not wasted trying to reach the Outside world.

Other members of Security simply follow the orders they receive from their leaders, but no matter what they think, or believe, the Security and theResistance have different objectives, which will eventually lead to a civil war.

The Security: Equipment and Objectives

Unlike the Resistance, the Security fights for different objectives. They must protect the Ark’s leaders and the remaining resources, trying to put an end to the Resistance and their future attacks.

Players will observe that in Brink, the Security forces are well equipped; however this will not affect the gameplay.

Their uniforms indicate their roles in the unit, but these are only visual characteristics. The weapons that can be used by players who join the Security are: SMGsassault riflesshotguns and grenade launchers.

Security Supported Archetypes

Security players have access to twelve different archetypes that can be selected during the character’s customization process. These archetypes are:

The Bomb

The Bouncer

The Bug

The Eel

The Freak

The Good Cop

The Jesse

The Look

The Shield

The Tank

The Tank Vest

The Unit

Brink Video Game
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