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Brink Factions Guide: The Resistance

The Resistance is one of the factions available in Brink, the video game developed by Splash Damage. Players who join this faction will become enemies of The Security, in the war that takes place on the Ark.

Both factions in the game support four classes such as SoldierMedicEngineer and Operative, but each faction has different archetypes and objectives.

The guide below offers additional information regarding The Resistance faction from Brink, as well as the organization’s history and the archetypes supported by it.

Brink is a first person shooter video game published by Bethesda Softworks for Xbox 360, PC and PlayStation 3.

It was released on May 10, 2011, and is one of the most expected FPSs of 2011, being rated T for Teen. The action takes place in the future aboard a floating city called The Ark.

The Resistance

What is The Resistance 

It is said that when the oceans flooded the continents, the Ark’slocation was secret, and the floating city was only capable to support 5,000 citizens.

Those who were ashore and survived, started to panic and tried to find the Ark, but only few finished this quest alive. Even so, when the Ark was finally found, the number of survivors was larger than the city’s capacity.

Happy to be alive, the new citizens had to support the Ark’s laws, including those regarding the food and water ratios. Most of them received jobs, but when the Ark’s supplies started to diminish, the new residents became angry.

The Resistance vs The Security

The conflict, and eventually the war with the Security, started as soon as the water rations were reduced.

The Resistance members began to question the Ark’s leaders and if they really wanted to contact the Outside world.

Additionally, they were upset since their work was unappreciated by the rest of the population, especially because their jobs were the most dangerous on the Ark.

They formed an organization named the Resistance, fighting for equal food and water ratios. The Resistancemembers also believe that the Ark’s resources should be consumed while trying to establish a contact with the Outside world.

To protect themselves, the Ark’s leaders formed an opposing organization, named the Security, with the purpose of stopping the Resistance’s attacks. The Security forces existed before the Resistance but they entered the conflict, as soon as the riots started.

The Resistance: Equipment and Objectives

The equipment used by Resistance members in Brink is mostly manufactured from scraps, but players should know that the gameplay won’t be affected. In other words, these are only visual characteristics.

Most fighters of the Resistance wear multiple tattoos, more complex than those observed on Security soldiers.

Even the Resistance weapons are more worn, but again, this will not affect their stats.

Just like the SecurityResistance players will have access to four categories of weapons: SMGsassault riflesshotguns and grenade launchers.

In Brink, the Resistance has three major goals: to protect the refugees, to contact the Outside world, and to share equal food and water ratios to all in need. Players should stick to these rules if they decide to join the Resistance.

Resistance Supported Archetypes

When players create a new character in Brink, if they decide to play in the Resistance, they can pick one of the following archetypes:

The Anger

The Boiler Suit

The Dude

The Firestarter

The Fortress

The G

The Lost

The Sweat

The Voice

The Warrior

The Wasted

The Psycho

Brink Video Game
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