Bound By Flame Walkthrough

Bound By Flame Walkthrough

Developed by Spiders and published by Focus Home Interactive for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and PC, Bound By Flame is an action RPG (Role-Playing Game) released on May 9, 2014.

The video game tells the story of a young hero, member of the Pure-Blades group of mercenaries who live in Vertiel, a fantasy world threatened by legions of undead.

Ruled by the seven Lords of Ice, the Deadarmy invaded Vertiel looking for power, but failed to conquer it being stopped by The Red Scholars.

The Red Scholars or the mages of Vertiel developed a device to destroy the Lords of Ice once and for all; however, the ritual that will help them charge the device requires time.

Protected by the Pure-Blades, The Red Scholars retreated to an ancient temple to perform their ritual, without knowing that the Deadarmy is on the move.

Now, with the device almost charged, the time has come for the Pure-Blades and The Red Scholars to return to Vertiel and strike back.


As an action role-playing game, Bound By Flame allows you to create and develop your own hero, a member of the Pure-Blades, who must help The Red Scholars in their quest to destroy the Deadarmy.

Bound By Flame; however, is also a decision-based video game, meaning that all your actions have consequences. Possessed by a demon, your hero can fight to maintain his humanity, or allow the demonic forces to control his soul, granting unimaginable powers in exchange.

During the game, you will encounter various characters that will interact with your hero. The answers you give, and the tasks you perform are the key elements that affect your hero’s path.

These elements will also allow you to unlock new quests granting rewards and experience points used to level up your hero.


The combat system in Bound By Flame is tactical, which means that your hero’s stats, abilities and equipment are important, but knowing how to fight is essential. In the game, you will fight various monsters that attack on sight, reducing your hero’s health in seconds if you don’t know how to parry and counterattack.

Blocking, dodging and waiting for the right moment to strike will eventually lead to victory, while rushing will lead to death. Knowing your companions is also important, because in your adventure they can help you defeat stronger enemies.

Depending on how you play, you can order them to heal your hero, defend themselves or attack from distance. While in battle, your hero can enter 3 different stances. The warrior stance should be used when you wish to inflict more damage, or recover your health.

The ranger stance on the other hand allows you to enter the stealth mode and surprise your enemies, or deliver faster attacks which inflict less damage.

The pyromancer stance can be used when you wish to cast spells.

Skills and Feats

Each time you defeat an enemy in the video game or complete a quest, your hero earns experience points, allowing him to level up.

When your hero gains a new level you will receive points that can be spent to unlock new skills and feats. The skills of your hero are divided in trees, and they will permanently affect your hero’s abilities in combat.

The warrior skill tree allows you to unlock abilities that can be used only while the warrior stance is active. Similar, the ranger skill tree contains the abilities that have a direct effect on your hero’s ranger stance, while the pyromancer includes all skills that improve your hero’s spells.

The feats, on the other hand, are small bonuses that can boost your character’s stats after you acquire enough points and you complete a series of tasks. For example, the Energetic feat can be unlocked by spending 1 skill point, but only after you cast 15 spells on your enemies.

This specific feat will permanently increase your hero’s magic by 10.


While exploring Vertiel fighting your enemies, you will be able to gather materials that will aid you in your adventure.

Also known as crafting materials, or components, the materials you loot can and should be used to improve your weapons, armor, or craft new items such as traps. Selling them is almost never a good idea, since you will need a large number of materials to complete some quests or to upgrade your weapons.

Aside from looting them, you can also get crafting components by salvaging the equipment you don’t use. Better materials can be obtained by combining low quality components.

For example, you can craft refined metal using raw metal. Usable items such as traps, bolts or health potions can also be crafted while in combat.


Since Bound By Flame is a role-playing game, our walkthrough is divided in quests.

The text guide offers information on the objectives you have to complete, the locations you have to visit and the tactics you should use in order to defeat your enemies.

An important aspect you have to remember is that the walkthrough does not cover the exploration part, meaning that you are free to explore the world as you wish.

Furthermore, the decisions we take during the game may or may not be the best; therefore, you should always decide for yourself how you wish to develop your hero. Our walkthrough starts with the quest named At The Service Of The Red Scribes.

Bound By Flame Walkthrough
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