Bound By Flame Walkthrough

Bound By Flame The Prisoners Walkthrough

Bound By Flame The Prisoners side-quest can be activated and also completed while playing The Dead City main quest or the first chapter in the second act of the video game.

The Prisoners quest; however, can be missed if you don’t check your map from time to time, or if you don’t discover it.

The side-quest is very short and accessible because all you have to do is to activate it, watch a cutscene, and provide some information.

For completing The Prisoners quest in Bound By Flame you will be rewarded with crafting materials as well as experience points; therefore, the following walkthrough explains how to finish it.

Bound By Flame Walkthrough – The Prisoners Quest

As you explore Caraldthas during the first chapter, accompanied by Arandil, you will eventually enter the Merchants’ Quarter in Lower Caraldthas.

Your main goal in the first chapter is to find Arandil’s father; therefore, you will have to reach the Commoners’ Quarter through the eastern passage.

First, explore the streets and the buildings in Merchants’ Quarter because you will find corpses carrying Elf Souls for Rhelmar (The Souls Of The Elves side-quest) and a large number of chests. Move from west to east.

Tip: Don’t forget that you can open doors, go through cracks in the walls, or jump over some walls. Tip: If you have unlocked the Finder Feat, pay close attention to the sound because all nearby treasures (including the corpses of the dead elves) make specific sounds.

The moment you reach the central area, open your main map and notice that a new marker was added inside a building.

Open the door and you will find several citizens  who are being held captive by the Deadwalkers. Talk to Velannis but stay alert because you will be ambushed by two Deadwalkers.

Tip: Kill the one without a shield first, and then focus on the other one. Kick him to break his guard, then strike with your main weapon, or attack from sides.

Now, tell Velannis to go on, because you have cleared the way. After you give him more directions tell Velannis to take your advice and everything will be fine.

Finally, tell him that you will meet him once you get to the camp, and the quest is completed.

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