Bound By Flame Walkthrough

Bound By Flame The Lion’s Den Walkthrough

Bound By Flame The Lion’s Den quest is the first chapter of the final act (Assault On Blackfrost’s Palace), available in the video game; and it starts after you finish The Assault quest in Act 2.

The Lion’s Den is also a long quest, during which you will encounter some of the most powerful creatures in the game.

The first chapter in the third act, begins in the Sewers, where your hero and Rhelmar must find a way to reach Makeshift Camp. During the first part of the quest, Rhelmar will accompany you, but when you enter Makeshift Camp, you will continue the quest alone.

Throughout the following Bound By Flame walkthrough you can find additional details that will help you complete the quest and also tactical tips you can use in the upcoming battles.

Additionally, the text walkthrough explains what side-quests become available when you play The Lion’s Den.

Bound By Flame Walkthrough – The Lion’s Den Quest

After you start The Lion’s Den, order Rhelmar to attack from distance, then move through the tunnel, towards the marker on your map. In the first larger area, a new type of creature will be introduced. It is known as the Bone Golem and it is a dangerous foe that attacks quickly.

Tip: To defeat the Bone Golem faster, reduce his health up to the point when the creature falls to the ground trying to recover. Make sure that you activate Burning Weapon and attack the glowing orb before it recovers.

After you defeat your first Bone Golem continue to follow the tunnel until you enter another large area where you will see a pile of corpses.

Tip: Fight your way around the large pile of corpses, moving towards the exit tunnel (east) but stop near the ledge. At this point, you should hear Rhelmar telling you that there is something strange about one of the corpses. Turn around and approach the pile to trigger a new cutscene, during which you will recognize Arandil. The Soul Of A Prince side-quest becomes available, but don’t worry about the corpse right now because you can’t get close to it. The Soul Of A Prince side-quest can be completed only later during the second chapter.

Now that you have activated the first side-quest in the third act, continue pushing through the sewer, moving north through a hole in the wall, then in the next area, north and south-west to another circular zone where you will find a ladder.

After you defeat all enemies, use the ladder to get to the second floor, then fight your way to the northernmost point where you will exit the sewers and enter Makeshift Camp. Inside the Makeshift Camp, after you talk to Lyestas, you will be sent to find the entrance to Blackfrost’s palace.

Tip: Make the necessary preparations because there is a large number of opponents waiting for you; however, if you have reached this point in the video game, then you have defeated most of them at least once. All enemies you fight in Act 3 are similar to those you have encountered in the previous two acts, meaning that you should already have a strategy when fighting them.

Exit the camp and head east then south to reach a lower level where you should be attacked by two Deadwalkers. Notice the poisonous environment, and before heading towards the eastern door, check the southernmost area where you will find another door (right in the middle).

If you approach it, you will activate a new side-quest named Save The Elf Soldiers.

Now move east through the door, to enter Blackfrost’s Domain. In the next area, you have to follow the stairs down and move south east, to get close to a new marker where you will find Mathras.

Note: When engaging a group of enemies, kill the archers, followed by the weakest Deadwalkers, and then focus on the stronger opponents.

After you talk to Mathras, you must retrace your steps back to the camp and talk to Lyestas. During your conversation you will start the following side-quests: A Damsel in Distress, A Knight in Distress, and Improve The Camp’s Defenses.

Now back to the main quest and the next objective. Lyestas wants you to find 6 crystals to create an amulet for you. These crystals can be collected from specific pillars in Blackfrost’s Domain, which means that you have to return and fight all enemies again. Their locations are clearly marked on your map.

Tip: A pillar can contain more than one crystal.

After you get all Crystals, return to the camp; however, before you reach it you will be attacked by Edwen, as a consequence for helping the elves at the end of the previous act.

Tip: Edwen is very vulnerable to physical attacks. To end the fight faster, stay close to her and she won’t be able to cast most of her spells.

Once you deal with Edwen, talk to Lyestas, and tell him that you will continue the fight with or without him. After you convince him to create the amulet for your hero, approach him again to begin the side-quest named Save Renko.

Now you should postpone the main quest-and focus on all side-quests you have activated, except for The Soul Of A Prince.

Tip: Take Mathras with you while attempting all side-quests, and ask him to control the enemies.

After you finish the said quests; thus saving your companions, talk to Mathras at his campfire and pick your favorite companion to finish The Lion’s Den, and start the second chapter named Witch Hunt.

Tip: You can change your companion later if you wish.

Bound By Flame Walkthrough
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