Bound By Flame Walkthrough

Bound By Flame The Guard’s Equipment Walkthrough

Bound By Flame The Guard’s Equipment is one of the three quests you receive from Mason after you complete Problems Of Stewardship side-quest featured in the video game.

Along with the The Greenhorn’s Training and The Disappeared Guards, The Guard’s Equipment can be activated immediately after you reach Valvenor and after you meet Mason and Mirana.

In this quest, Mason will ask you to find a blacksmith in Valvenor and convince him to repair the equipment of the guards who protect the village.

The Guard’s Equipment, is a tricky quest because a normal thing to do it to talk to Assael, who is marked on your map.

If you do so, you might miss several side-quests and you will also have to gather more materials for Assael, who will try to scam you.

Throughout the following walkthrough we present a different path which is also recommended if you wish to earn more experience points and save some of the components you gathered.

Bound By Flame Walkthrough – The Guard’s Equipment Quest

After you start the side-quest, if you pay close attention to what Mason has to say, you will find out that Assael is not a blacksmith, but since he has some knowledge on how to use the forge, he is currently replacing the former blacksmith of Valvenor.

Without approaching Assael after you talk to Mason, open your map and travel to the Refugee Camp. Right below the stairs where you see Buffalo, is a character named Renko.

Talk to him as early as you can to start two additional side-quests: A Forge for Renko and Something To Beat The Iron With.

For these two side-quests you have to find Renko’s cart, and also gather the materials he needs for his forge. Address A Forge For Renko side-quest first and travel to Swamp: Southern Delta.

When you enter the area, open your map and notice that Renko’s cart is located somewhere in the center of the zone. Since this is the same area you have explored while playing The Lost Assistant, you already know that you will fight many Chrysalids.

Follow the strategy outlined in our walkthrough for The Lost Assistant, and get close to Renko’s Cart. When you are near the cart, press the corresponding button to take it back to Valvenor, and you will complete A Forge For Renko.

Now, you will have to find the materials required to craft the equipment. Renko will ask for ten pieces of Raw Metal, ten Hides and five pieces of Refined Metal.

The hides are easy to find because they are dropped by most creatures in the swamp. The Raw Metal can be found by looting the piles of stones or by fighting the Deadwalkers in the northern area of Swamp: Eastern Zone.

Using the Raw Metal you can craft Refined Metal, so try to gather as much Raw Metal as you can.

Tip: If you need more metal you can recycle the weapons you don’t use.

Tip: Since some of the materials you need are rare, try to start the quest as soon as you can and gather them while playing other quests, but don’t forget to complete it before fighting the Tormentor in Chapter 2: The Evil Eye.

After you have all materials for Renko, talk to him to complete Something To Beat The Iron With and then go back to Mason to finish The Guard’s Equipment.

Bound By Flame Walkthrough
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