Bound By Flame Walkthrough

Bound By Flame The Greenhorn’s Training Walkthrough

Bound By Flame The Greenhorn’s Training quest is one of the three side-quests you have to complete for Mason, the guard chief of Valvenor.

In the video game, The Greenhorn’s Training quest, can be activated while working on completing Problems Of Stewardship, during which the Steward will send you to talk to Mason and Mirana. Because

The Greenhorn’s Training can be finished without leaving the village; after you finish Problems Of Stewardship you should return to Mason and agree to train his troops.

Alternatively, you can complete The Greenhorn’s Training the moment you talk to Mason for the first time, and then continue to play the Problems Of Stewardship quest.

Regardless on when you decide to play it, The Greenhorn’s Training is a quest focused on combat, and the following walkthrough provides several tips that can help you finish it.

Bound By Flame Walkthrough – The Greenhorn’s Training Quest

For The Greenhorn’s Training side-quest, Mason will ask you to show his guards how to fight. The quest features three stages, and in each wave you have to defeat 5 guards.

Three of them are swordsmen and two are rangers. Before you agree to start the first wave, make sure that you have a companion by your side. Sibyl is recommended for this quest, because she can heal you in combat; therefore, make sure that you ask her to come with you.

Next, you should try to get several explosive traps. If you have enough materials, you should craft them. Now approach Mason’s location and press LB on Xbox 360 and then RT to give Sybil new orders.

Ask her to heal both of you, then talk to Mason and agree to complete the first stage of the quest. Close to Mason is a dead-end where the guards will spawn. Be advised that the warriors will rush towards you the moment they see you, while the archers will remain behind.

Tip: Place an explosive trap on the ground and the warriors will be knocked down allowing you to perform several attacks. Use the Burning Weapon to increase the damage dealt, and focus on the warriors that try to attack your companion.

If Sybil falls in battle, you will lose your small advantage, but you can still complete the first stage. Keep your sword up and you will be able to guard all attacks and arrows.

Strike only when you are sure you won’t be hit, and kill the warriors first. After you defeat them, engage the rangers. The first stage of the trial ends after you defeat all 5 guards. At this point, Mason will ask you if you want to train more guards.

Tip: If you refuse you will not be able to complete the quest, because all three stages are required.

The second stage and the third are similar to the first one. You won’t fight more powerful enemies; therefore, you should use the tactics that worked the first time.

As long as you keep your companion on the battlefield, and your guard up, you won’t take any damage. Remember that the Burning Weapon will give you the advantage in combat.

All guards are vulnerable to fire spells, so you can opt to cast Orb Of Fire on them, or Guardian Flames on your hero. The Guardian Flames spell deals damage in time to all nearby enemies.

The explosive traps are also very useful if the guards surround your companion or your hero, because a single trap deals damage to all nearby guards.

When you complete the third stage of the trial, Mason will reward you with an axe, named Life Reducer, and the quest ends.

Bound By Flame Walkthrough
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