Bound By Flame Walkthrough

Bound By Flame The Evil Eye Walkthrough

Bound By Flame The Evil Eye is the second chapter of the video game, and the third main quest you have to complete in order to progress through the story of the game.

The Evil Eye starts the moment you defeat the Werebeast near Valvenor, and after you decide if you wish to save Edwen or not.

As specified in our Bound By Flame A Village Of Refugees walkthrough, at the end of the quest, we have saved Edwen, and she became our companion. If you follow the same path, later you will start a new side-quest named Edwen’s Request.

This specific side-quest is completed while playing The Evil Eye, as long as Edwen is your companion. The following walkthrough also covers Edwen’s Request side-quest.

Unlike the previous main quest of the videogame, The Evil Eye is more complicated, because you will have to explore larger areas, fight more enemies, and another boss known as the Tormentor.

Furthermore, during this quest you will have to make another decision that will affect your hero. You should also know that Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 (Funeral March) are connected, which means that if you focus on finishing The Evil Eye, you will start Funeral March.

The third chapter is also the final quest in Valvenor and if you start it without completing the side-quests, you will fail all of them.

Throughout the strategy guide below we reveal the exact steps you should follow in order to complete The Evil Eye, without failing other side quests.

Bound By Flame Walkthrough – The Evil Eye Quest

Assuming that you have defeated the Werebeast, then you already know how the combat works in Bound By Flame; therefore, we will not insist on how to kill the Chrysalids, Impalers and other creatures you encounter during the next chapter.

The Evil Eye is triggered immediately after you save Edwen and after you kill the Werebeast. At this point you will be asked to return to the Steward in Valvenor’s Village Hall.

Follow the exit west from the location where you have found “the beast”, and return to Swamp: Path To Valvenor, and then to the village. With Edwen by your side, head to the Village Hall. Unfortunately, she will tell you that she can’t enter the building, but she will wait for you outside.

Tip: From this moment on, always make sure that Edwen is your companion, if you wish to complete Edwen’s Request.

Once inside the Village Hall, talk to the Steward and tell him what happened to Eolas. If you wish, you can lie about the events and Edwen; however, if you decide to tell the truth, nothing will happen to her, because the Steward decides that she is your responsibility.

As you continue to talk to the Steward, you will receive a new objective, and you will be asked to investigate what happens to the villagers who are behaving strangely. Exit the Village Hall and Edwen will approach you, asking if she can help you investigate the villagers.

Tip: Make sure you accept her request if you want to unlock Edwen’s Request side-quest.

Now, with Edwen as your companion, head to the Refugee Camp and talk to the Captain, who will be quite disappointed that you killed Eolas. Fortunately, the Captain is more concerned about Hawk, and he will send you to look for him (Missing In Action side quest).

Continue to talk to the Captain and ask him about the villagers. Eventually, he will send you to talk to Buffalo, located on top of the stairs, in the same area.

Once you talk to Buffalo, you will retrieve more information about the villagers, and four icons will appear on your map.

Tip: The icons will be displayed only during the day. This means that they will disappear during the night and you might get stuck. If this happens, go to the tent and sleep to fast forward the time.

Assuming that the time allows, check the center of the area and talk to Nigella, then go west and talk to Hugbert. Ask them about their beloved and you will find out that they are missing during the night. Hugbert will also tell you that his wife leaves the tent along with Jervis, who works for Mason.

After you chat with Hugbert, report everything you found to Mason, in Center of Village area. Mason suggests that you should wait for the night to find out what happens to the villagers, and the time will fast-forward automatically. Return to the refugee camp and kill all the possessed villagers.

Tip: Unlike other enemies, the possessed villagers are accessible targets, especially with Edwen by your side. Order her to attack them from distance and kill them one by one.

When the final villager is defeated Mason will appear and you will be sent to investigate the area east of the Swamp.

Tip: Now you should postpone the main-quest and complete every side-quest available in Valvenor, in order to save time and gain several levels. If you continue the main-quest and finish it all other side-quests will be failed.

When you feel ready, make sure you craft/buy as many potions as possible and restock on arrows and traps. From the Refugee Camp, take the eastern exit to Swamp: Southern Delta and then continue to move east to enter Swamp: Eastern Zone.

In these two areas you won’t encounter unknown creatures, so you will have to use the tactics you have learned while playing the side quests included in our table of contents.

Tip: Loot every corpse, because the materials will help you craft potions, arrows and traps in case you run out.

In Swamp: Eastern Zone, first you will have to kill a large number of Impalers, and as you move north, you will have to defeat Deadwalkers. Since you have completed At The Service Of The Red Scribes, you already know how to deal with them.

After you clear the area in front of the cave, approach the entrance and you will trigger a new cutscene. At the end of the cutscene, you will have to make an important decision which will affect you hero’s possession level. As depicted, you can allow the demon to help you defeat the final boss of this quest or you can choose to find another way.

Tip: If you refuse to succumb to the Demon, you will start a new main quest named The Lair Of Torments. For this quest you will have to travel all the way back to Valvenor and speak to Silban. On the other hand, if you allow the Demon to help your hero, you can enter the Lair right away. The decision is yours to make, depending on how you wish to play the game.

Assuming that you decided to maintain your hero’s sanity, return to Valvenor and to the Village Hall. Check the second floor and talk to Silban.

Ask him to give you a potion to protect you inside the cave, then retrace your steps back to the Lair. Once close to the entrance your hero will drink the potion automatically.

Tip: If you have unfinished businesses in Valvenor, or if you are low on ammo and potions, don’t enter the Lair, because there is no turning back.

If you feel ready, head inside and follow the path to the depths of the cave. Pay close attention to the environment and loot the chests you might find.

Fight your way towards the northern point of the cave and kill all Deadwalkers. Edwen will help you better if you ask her to attack from distance. When you reach the northernmost point of the Lair, jump down and watch the cutscene introducing a new boss, known as the Tormentor.

Unlike the Werebeast, the Tormentor is more accessible being weak against physical attacks, but he can curse your hero.

Tip: Kill all Deadwalkers around him first, and start with the archers.

When cursed, your hero’s health drops and the Tormentor drains his mana. Notice that the Tormentor tries to creates a pentagram before cursing your hero, and he becomes very vulnerable. Attack him from behind.

Tip: Use the pillars in the cave and stay behind them to avoid the dark magic orbs cast by the boss.

Tip: To attack him, remain in the center of the area, on the elevated platform.

From time to time, if you are close enough, the Tormentor will try to hit you with his claws. Parry as many attacks as you can, in order to counter-attack and deal more damage. Order Edwen to attack from distance and stay mobile as much as you can.

If you manage to defeat the final boss, you will complete Edwen’s Request, The Lair Of Torments (assuming you have refused the demon’s proposal) and Chapter 2: The Evil Eye.

Watch the next cutscene and you will be informed that you should make haste and return to Valvenor, because the Deadwalkers attacked the village (Chapter 3: Funeral March starts now).

Tip: While still inside the cave, loot all corpses, craft potions, fire traps and arrows, because in the next chapter you will fight another boss as soon as you return to Valvenor.

Bound By Flame Walkthrough
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