Bound By Flame Walkthrough

Bound By Flame The Dispensary Resources Walkthrough

While working on completing Problems Of Stewardship quest in Bound By Flame, the video game, you will have the chance to meet Mirana, the village healer and one of the most important characters in Valvenor.

During your discussions with Mirana, you will find out that the healer is running out on food and healing potions, thus you will have to help her find some in order to complete a new side quest, named The Dispensary Resources.

Furthermore, Mirana will tell you that Heymon, her apprentice, disappeared in the Swamp and she wants you to find him.

If you open your quest log at the end of the conversation, you will notice that the following side-quests have been added: The Dispensary Resources, The Lost Assistant and Humanitarian Services.

To finish Humanitarian Services quest you have to complete The Dispensary Resources and The Lost Assistant.

Throughout the following strategy guide, you will find all the information required to finish The Dispensary Resources quest in the videogame.

Bound By Flame Walkthrough – The Dispensary Resources Quest

The Dispensary Resources is a short side-quest which doesn’t involve any combat sequences, and it can be completed without leaving Valvenor.

For the first part of the quest, Mirana will ask you to collect food for the dispensary. You need four units of food located within the village. First, open your map and from the Center of Village go to the Village Hall.

Once inside the Tavern, open your map again and notice the entrance to the Cellar, at the end of the western corridor. Descend the stairs to enter the Cellar and look around for three barrels and a crate under the stairs. Inside the barrels you will find three units of food.

Loot them, and then loot the crate for several materials. Now, return to the Center of Village, and then travel south-east to enter the Refugee Camp.

Check the eastern side of the camp (where the Captain is located) to find another glowing barrel. Inside you will find the fourth food unit. With the food in your inventory travel to Miranda; but before talking to her, check your inventory to see if you have five healing potions.

If you do, you can complete the quest, but if you don’t you will have to craft some. The healing potions can be crafted using Tainted Blood, a component dropped by most creatures you encounter in the Swamp. Assuming you have enough Tainted Blood, open your inventory and check your Bag. Pick

Usable Items, and then scroll down to Healing Potion. Press X (on Xbox) and craft as many Healing Potions as you can.

Tip: Even if Miranda needs five healing potions, it is always a good idea to have more bottles in your inventory.

Now, it is time to talk to Mirana again. The food you have gathered will be automatically removed from your inventory, but to give her the healing potions, ask her about the problems at the Healing House, and then about the food reserves and the stock of cures.

Finally, choose to give her the five healing potions. Your reward for completing the quest is a new axe named Algandrian and 1000 Experience Points.

Tip: If you don’t have enough Tainted Blood, you can craft some using gold; however, since this ingredient is easy to find, you should save your money and return to Mirana later.

Bound By Flame Walkthrough
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