Bound By Flame Walkthrough

Bound By Flame Orphan Walkthrough

Bound By Flame Orphan is a short and accessible side-quest available at the end of the first chapter, or second main quest in the video game.

Orphan; however, acts as a result for the decision you make after you beat the Werebeast in A Village Of Refugees, and after you find Edwen; which means that it won’t be available if you decide to let Edwen rot in the cage.

In other words, you can play the Orphan side-quest only if you free Edwen, who will kill Eolas, Sybil’s father.

Bound By Flame Walkthrough – Orphan Quest

Devastated after the events that take place in the Swamp, Sybil will return to the village, the moment Edwen kills Eolas, the Red Scribe.

Once the cutscene ends, if you open your journal, you will notice that the Orphan side-quest was added, and you can address it the moment you return to Valvenor accompanied by Edwen. Report to the Steward first, and explain what happened to Eolas.

Next, while remaining in the Village Hall, check the guestroom where Prince Arandil and Silban are located. Here you will find Sybil, who is still upset for the death of his father.

You goal in this quest is to talk to Sybil and cheer her up. Approach the mage and tell her that you are sorry about her dad. If you wish, you can ask her additional questions; however, apologizing to Sybil for not saving his father is more than enough to maintain a good relationship with the mage.

For cheering her up; thus completing the Orphan side-quest you will receive 800 Experience Points.

Tip: If you unlock this quest and save Edwen, make sure you complete it immediately.

Remember that you must keep your companions close to you as much as you can because you might need them later in the videogame. Sybil is an important member of your team and a great healer.

Bound By Flame Walkthrough
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