Bound By Flame Walkthrough

Bound By Flame On Safari With Sybil Walkthrough

After you exit the temple and complete At The Service Of The Red Scribes main quest in Bound By Flame, the video game, you will have the chance to choose one companion to help you reach Valvenor.

After the cutscene at the end of the first main quest, you will meet Rhelmar the elf, and Sybil the mage. Both of them will offer to help you cross the Swamp area, but you can only pick one.

If you decide to select Sybil, you will start a new side-quest named On Safari with Sybil.

It is an accessible quest that can be completed while playing other quests that become available in Valvenor.

The following walkthrough explains the steps you need to follow in order to finish On Safari With Sybil quest from Bound By Flame.

Bound By Flame Walkthrough – On Safari With Sybil Quest

From the beginning you should know that On Safari With Sybil side-quest can be completed only if Sybil is your companion while you fight a series of creatures that inhabit the nearby areas.

In other words, to show her the fauna you will have to defeat at least three different types of creatures with Sybil by your side.

Since these creatures will become your targets in other side-quests, or while you head towards Valvenor, the quest becomes very accessible. For example, the moment you start the second main-quest, named A Village Of Refugees, you will be attacked by Chrysalids.

If you defeat them and Sybil helps you, she will learn about the fauna, but it’s not enough to complete the quest. Therefore, you should also take her with you when you play The Lost Assistant side-quest, because you will have to defeat Impalers, Whip Vines and Rippers.

As soon as you manage to defeat three different creatures, On Safari With Sybil side-quest ends.

Alternatively, if you want to complete the quest the moment you start it, you are free to explore the Swamp area looking for different monsters, but you will waste time, because you will be forced to return to the same areas later.

Bound By Flame Walkthrough
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