Bound By Flame Walkthrough

Bound By Flame Missing In Action Walkthrough

Bound By Flame Missing In Action quest can be completed after you finish A Village of Refugees main-quest, or Chapter 1 of the video game.

For Missing In Action, you have to visit the Captain of the Freeborn Blades at the end of the said chapter.

Regardless of what you decide to do with Edwen, once you finish A Village Of Refugees, return to the Captain in the Refugee Camp and tell him about your actions.

Eventually, the Captain will inform you that he recently sent Hawk to scout the areas around Valvenor, and the he didn’t hear from him since.

Your main objective in Missing In Action is to locate Hawk, and then head back to the Captain.

Bound By Flame Walkthrough – Missing In Action Quest

Since this quest starts in the Refugee Camp, after you activate it, open your map and notice the eastern exit which leads to Swamp: Southern Delta.

Exit through the gates, then open your map again and observe Hawk’s location. To reach the area, you have to defeat the same Chrysalids you have defeated while playing The Lost Assistant side-quest; which means that you should use the same tactics as those outlined in our walkthrough.

Continue to push south, exploring the surroundings, and eventually you will find Hawk . Talk to him and he will tell you that he needs your help to catch a powerful monster.

The monster is in fact a larger Impaler. You will find it in the swamp nearby along with a smaller one. If you played other side-quests, then you already know how to kill an Impaler, but if you didn’t you should use the following tactics. While in Warrior Stance try to stay as close as possible to your target.

When you see the Impaler crouching, move left or right, because the creature is getting ready to unleash a screeching attack that will knock you down.

The attack is followed  by a melee attack while your hero is on the ground. Target the creature and guard all attacks by keeping the right trigger (RT on Xbox 360) pulled.

When the creature crouches, it won’t change the direction of the screeching attack, which means that you can strike it on its sides.

If time allows, cast Burning Weapon, or Orb of Fire because as most creatures in the swamp it is vulnerable to fire.

Tip: If you saved Edwen, order her to curse the enemy and notice that she can daze the Impaler. Strike the moment you see the small green dots above the Impaler’s head.

Tip: Since your target is not alone, deal with the smaller Impaler first.

Alternatively you can use explosive traps and arrows, but you need enough time to place the traps.

After you defeat the Impaler for Hawk, talk to him, then return to the Captain in the Refugee Camp and report your deeds.

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