Bound By Flame Walkthrough

Bound By Flame Improve The Camp’s Defenses Walkthrough

Bound By Flame Improve The Camp’s Defenses quest is the third side-quest you can activate by talking to Lyestas while playing The Lion’s Den main-quest featured in the third act of the video game.

Improve The Camp’s Defenses, similar to A Damsel In Distress and A Knight In Distress, requires your presence in the Makeshift Camp, where Lyestas will ask you to find several artifacts so he can craft an amulet that will protect your hero in the upcoming battles.

Additionally, Lyestas will ask you to find four additional artifacts needed to improve the defenses around the camp.

The artifacts are located within Blackfrost’s Domain, and you have to find four of them to finish Improve The Camp’s Defenses quest.

Bound By Flame Walkthrough – Improve The Camp’s Defenses Quest

After you start Improve The Camp’s Defenses, exit the Makeshift Camp and go through the eastern door to enter Blackfrost’s Domain.

Move south and through the next door to reach the East Wing and the first pillar containing three artifacts. The pillar is protected by a shielded Deadwalker and an Ice Spirit.

Tip: If Mathras is your companion, ask him to control the enemy.

First kill the shielded Deadwalker by breaking his guard and striking immediately after. Once the Deadwalker is defeated, help your companion to kill the Ice Spirit.

Tip: Switch to Ranger Stance, dodge all attacks then counter-attack. To kill the Ice Spirit faster you can fire arrows from distance.

When the area was cleared, get close to the pillar and collect 3 artifacts. Now, open your map, and head west from your current position towards the central area where you can find another pillar.

This time; however, you have to fight several Deadwalkers and a General. While the Deadwalkers are accessible opponents, the General is more powerful. Stay mobile to avoid his auras and try to place traps for additional damage.

Shooting arrows or casting Orb of Fire will also lead to victory, but you might want to avoid melee attacks unless your opponent is stunned.

Assuming you manage to defeat all enemies, take the fourth artifact from the pillar nearby, and retrace your steps back to the camp. Give the artifact to Lyestas to complete the quest.

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