Bound By Flame Walkthrough

Bound By Flame Funeral March Walkthrough

Bound By Flame Funeral March is the third chapter and the final main quest in the first act of the video game.

The quest continues the events of the second chapter, and it starts the moment you defeat the Tormentor inside the Lair.

Funeral March is an important quest because it features another boss fight against the Deadwalker General, as well as a side-quest that can be failed.

Additionally, at the end of the chapter you will have to make another difficult decision that will affect your hero’s personality.

As explained in our walkthrough for The Evil Eye quest, when you enter the Tormentor’s Lair you won’t be able to return to Valvenor and play other side-quests. Assuming that you have finished all tasks in the village, and you also defeated the Tormentor, now it’s time to travel back to the village which was attacked by Deadwalkers.

Before doing so; however, it is a good idea to make the necessary preparations following the tips in the walkthrough below.

Bound By Flame Walkthrough – Funeral March Quest

First, you should know that when you get back to Valvenor, most NPCs will be unavailable, since they were killed by Deadwalkers, or they are fighting against them.

Because of this, you won’t be able to access some of the features, which means that you have to get ready for the upcoming boss fight before traveling to the village.

Most enemies are Deadwalkers you have encountered while playing At The Service Of The Red Scribes. Fortunately, they will be focused on killing the villagers; therefore, they will become accessible targets. What makes the quest more difficult; however, is the Deadwalker General you will have to defeat.

For him you need a large number of mana potions, or Edwen as a companion. Obviously you can defeat him using various tactics, but since he is very vulnerable to fire spells, having many mana potions will help you beat him faster.

Tip: Try to craft some while inside the Tormentor’s Lair.

The healing potions are also required because the Deadwalker General will eventually hit you, dealing massive damage.

Tip: Also craft some healing potions inside the Lair.

Furthermore, craft explosive traps to place them on the ground during the boss fight. Finally, before moving towards Valvenor, make sure you set your companion’s tactics.

For this fight, if you have picked Edwen (assuming you have saved her), ask her to curse the enemies. If you have picked Randval, ask him to taunt the enemies.

Rhelmar should attack from distance, while Sybil should be asked to heal your hero.

Tip: Edwen is by far the best companion you can have when fighting the Deadwalker General.

When you feel ready to proceed, while in the Tormentor’s Lair, take the northern exit and go back to Swamp: Southern Delta. In the next area, you will notice that the normal creatures have been replaced by Deadwalkers.

Tip: Use the tactics outlined in our walkthrough for At The Service Of The Red Scribes quest to defeat them.

Fight your way towards Valvenor, and go to the refugee camp to find Buffalo. Talk to him and you will start The Defense Of The Village side-quest.

Tip: The Defense Of The Village can be failed if you don’t secure the west barricade and the east barricade before heading to the Center Of Village.

Practically, all you have to do for this side-quest is to kill the Deadwalkers in front of the western and eastern gates.

After you finish the side-quest, head to the Center of Village, but before opening the final door, check again your inventory and using the materials you have gathered while fighting the Deadwalkers craft even more mana potions, explosive traps and healing potions.

Now, save your game and open the final door to trigger a new cutscene showing the Deadwalker General fighting Prince Arandil.

Tip: Prince Arandil will not fall in this battle, son don’t worry about him.

The boss battle features two stages. The first stage ends when the general’s health bar is reduced to half. During this stage, the general is more focused on fighting Prince Arandil, so try to save your healing potions and cast Orb Of Fire on him.

To avoid taking damage, notice that the Deadwalker General is surrounded by a cloud of ice. Stay away from it because it will slow you down and you will also take damage. When you see the general raising his axe in the air, step away from him, because the next ice attack can’t be blocked.

The best strategy for the first phase is to attack from distance, especially if you don’t have Edwen by your side. If you do, on the other hand, and if you ask her to curse the enemy, Edwen can incapacitate the boss, dazing (stunning) him for a short period.

Tip: Pay close attention to the small green bubbles above the general’s head, and strike.

After you deal enough damage to start the second phase, a short cutscene begins. Get ready because during the second stage, the boss will be more focused on you.

As you will notice, he will also summon several minions.

Tip: Kill the general’s minions as fast as you can.

Once you clear the area, start placing explosive traps and maintain a fair distance from the boss, to avoid his aura of ice.

Tip: Try to remain in the central area, because if you are caught on one of the narrow alleys, you will be defeated.

The Ranger Stance is the one you should use for the second phase, if you run out of mana to cast more fire spells. In Ranger Stance you can jump away when the general is getting ready to unleash his ice attacks. Strike swiftly if Edwen stuns the boss, and then jump away.

Tip: Stay mobile and don’t forget to target the general.

Since Arandil will fight by your side all the way, pay close attention to your enemy and when you see him focused on Arandil, attack from behind.

The Deadwalker General is a weak boss when it comes to defenses, but his attacks and spells are extremely powerful. If you have enough mana potions, you can end the fight faster.

After the fight, a new cutscene starts. At the end of the cutscene, a new decision must be made. You can accept the demon’s proposal (your hero’s possession level will be affected), or you can accept Arandil’s advice and travel to the Steppes Of Caraldthas.

Tip: Talk to all companions before moving forward in the story.

Our walkthrough, as explained, follows the “good” path because we have decided to follow Prince Arandil, but you are free to choose another path if you wish to.

Regardless of what you decide, you will end the first act and you will start Act 2:  Battle In The Icy Grip as well as the first main quest, or chapter, named The Dead City.

Bound By Flame Walkthrough
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