Bound By Flame Walkthrough

Bound By Flame Camp Security Walkthrough

Along with Timid Request, Bound By Flame Camp Security is an accessible side-quest you should complete the moment you finish The Dead City, but after you report to Prince Arandil.

Camp Security allows you to increase you hero’s experience and improve your relation with Rhelmar the elf, but to complete it you need several components, because Rhelmar requires 10 explosive traps.

Furthermore, Camp Security should be completed before launching The Assault on Caraldthas; otherwise you will fail it.

Bound By Flame Walkthrough – Camp Security Quest

Your objective for the side-quest named Camp Security, is straightforward. Rhelmar needs 10 explosive traps because he wants to increase the security of your camp and keep the Deadwalkers away.

After you finish The Dead City, talk to Arandil to start Reconquest, then talk to Sybil to start Timid Request.

Complete Timid Request following out walkthrough, and then return to Rhelmar and talk to him. Eventually, the elf informs you about the camp’s weak defenses and he will tell you that he can improve them if you bring him 10 explosive traps.

Obviously, the fastest way to complete the quest is to buy the traps and simply give them to Rhelmar; however, you can also craft them if you have enough components.

Tip: The Manufacturer Feat is the one you need if you wish to save components while crafting.

To create an exploding trap, open your menu, then your bag. Pick usable items, then select exploding trap. Press X (on Xbox), to craft an exploding trap.

For a trap you need the following components: Raw Metal, Refined Metal and Leather. Leather can be obtained by looting the remains of your enemies, or by finding chests and barrels, but it can also be purchased from merchants such as Renko or Castinor.

Similar to the leather, the Raw Metal and Refined Metal can be looted, but you can also get additional supplies if you recycle the items you don’t need, such as armors or weapons.

If you run low on Refined Metal, you can craft it using Raw Metal. Once you have all required components, craft 10 exploding traps, then go back to Rhelmar and talk to him about defending the camp.

Give him the traps to complete Camp Security and receive 2000 experience points.

Bound By Flame Walkthrough
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