Bound By Flame Walkthrough

Bound By Flame A Traitor In The Camp Walkthrough

Bound By Flame A Traitor In The Camp is a side-quest featured in the second chapter of the video game, but unlike other side-quests it can be failed if not played in a specific order, or if you make the wrong decisions.

A Traitor In The Camp is also a short side-quest for which you don’t have to leave the camp in the Steppes of Caraldthas; however, it can be completed after you finish The Dead City main-quest and after you meet Mathras, the strange Deadwalker who joins your group.

Assuming that you have completed the said quest, use the following walkthrough and all steps outlined below, to complete A Traitor In The Camp quest in Bound By Flame.

Bound By Flame Walkthrough – A Traitor In The Camp Quest

After you return to the camp as Arandil asked, at the end of The Dead City quest, first visit him to get your rewards for helping him find his father.

Now, open your map and locate High Commander Vahlen. Talk to him and activate the side-quest, and then head north in the camp to find Mathras. After a short lecture, the undead will explain that there are three possible suspects in the case you have to solve for Vahlen, and you should start interrogating the sentinels.

Start with the one in the northern corridor, west from Mathras. Ask him if anyone traveled outside the camp and he will tell you that you are the only one. He will also ask you to check with the other sentinel, in the southern corridor, close to Buffalo, and the sentinel near the north watchtower.

Head outside and travel north to find the sentinel. Ask him the same question, and you will be informed that Buffalo went outside the camp recently.

Travel back to the camp and speak to Buffalo.

Tip: If this is your first visit to the main camp, you will start The Interrogation Of A Deadwalker side-quest, which can be completed instantly.

Now, approach Buffalo and pick the second question: “Don’t take it the wrong way. I’m just making enquiries.”

Next Buffalo will tell you that he went outside after the sentinel in the southern corridor, so jump down the ledge and approach the soldier.

Ask him if he went outside and he will tell you that he was following Buffalo. Tell the sentinel that Buffalo suspects him, and he will provide some interesting information. After you hear what he has to say about Buffalo, tell him that you know Buffalo for years, and then pick the first answer: “I’m tired of your lies. You’re going to die.”

Tip: Be prepared because the sentinel will attack you.

After discovering and killing the traitor, go back to Vahlen and tell him about your deed.

As reward you will receive The Cuirass Of The Royal Guard and the corresponding amount of experience points.

Tip: If you don’t respect the steps above, and if you accuse Buffalo for being a traitor, the sentinel will escape and you will fail the quest.

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