Bound By Flame Walkthrough

Bound By Flame A Cure For The Prince Walkthrough

Bound By Flame A Cure For The Prince side-quest can be triggered after you enter Valvenor, during the first act of the video game.

Similar to the quest named On Safari with Sybil, A Cure For The Prince is a quest for which you will have to talk to one of your companions.

After you complete other side-quests, if you check the second floor of the tavern you will find Rhelmar, the elf you have encountered at the end of the first main quest, named At The Service Of The Red Scribes.

Close to Rhelmar, you will see his prince who was poisoned, and your goal is to find a cure for him.

Since A Cure For the Prince is more complicated than other side-quests, you should try to complete it when your character reaches level 10.

Bound By Flame Walkthrough – A Cure For The Prince Quest

After you find Rhelmar and talk to him, approach Silban who is standing nearby.

Make sure you ask him as many questions as you can and eventually, he will tell you that he can make a cure if you bring him the poison from two Chrysalid Queens.

An interesting fact is that the Queens appear only during the night; therefore, you have two options. You can play other side-quests until the night approaches, or you can fast-forward the time by visiting the Refugee Camp where you will find a bed.

Use it to sleep for several hours and then make the necessary preparations for your next adventure. Rhelmar is not required to complete the quest; still you should pick him as your companion because he is more resistant than Sybil.

Tip: Don’t leave the camp without at least three explosive traps because you will have to kill a large number of Chrysalids. Additionally, restock on Health Potions.

Now, exit Valvenor and travel to Swamp: Path To Valvenor. Open your map and you will see two markers showing the locations of the two Queens you have to kill. Head south, but don’t jump down the ledge. Instead, order Rhelmar to use his powerful shots, and then cast Guardian Flames, followed by Flaming Weapon.

Next, jump down and sprint towards the center of the area where the Chrysalids lurk. Immediately place an explosive trap and focus on one of the enemies. Your goal is to keep the Chrysalids away from Rhelmar, because he is a ranged hero, and he needs space.

With your weapon up, step away from the Chrysalids and place another trap. Wait for them to get close and take a good look at the remaining enemies. While guarding, count their attacks and wait for the right moment to strike. Take them out one by one, starting with the smallest and ending with the Queen. After you defeat the Queen, don’t forget to look for the items dropped by your enemies.

Now, head north and stop when you reach the final ledge. Look around and you will see that between your location and the Chrysalids is a small passage.

It is the area where you will make your stand, because you will force the Chrysalids to remain in front of you, and also stop them from surrounding your hero.

Place more traps if you have and make sure that you cast Flaming Weapon and Guardian Flames, before the Chrysalids reach the small pass. After the traps explode, while in Warrior stance, focus on the weakest enemies without leaving the pass.

This way Rhelmar is constantly protected. If he falls in battle don’t worry and constantly guard all attacks until you find a moment to strike.

Be patient and don’t rush because you will be defeated. Once you kill the second Queen, take the poison back to Silban so he can prepare the cure. Unfortunately, the cure won’t work, but you will complete the quest.

Bound By Flame Walkthrough
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