Borderlands 2 Walkthrough

Borderlands 2 You. Will. Die. Seriously. Walkthrough

Borderlands 2 You. Will. Die. Seriously. is the final optional mission in Borderlands 2, and it is only available after we complete the main story line and defeat Handsome Jack.

In order to activate Borderlands 2 You. Will. Die. Seriously., we speak to Patricia Tannis in Sanctuary. She gives us the task to kill an extremely dangerous creature known as Terramorphous.


“Patricia Tannis has asked you to kill a really, really, really (really) dangerous thresher named Terramorphous the Invincible.

Rumors say that it drops some of the best loot found on Pandora.

The rumors also say that you’ll almost certainly need a group of four people to vanquish it.”

Level: 50


Experience: 19554 XP


If we look at the mission’s description, from a single glance we can see this is a level 50 mission, meaning that it’s impossible even to attempt in our first playthrough.

If we read further, we can also see that the mission says to go with a group of four people if we want to have a chance to defeat Terramorphous.

If we feel ready and we are extremely well prepared, we can go to Terramorphous’s lair.

In order to find it, we have to travel to Thousand Cuts. Here, we get near the waypoint and we drop down to enter a cave. This is the monster’s lair, but for it to open, we have to place four Eridium bars on the strange console.

Then we take the exit point to Terramorphous Peak to summon the creature. We traverse this area, until the end of it, and we jump through the hole in the ground to reach Terramorphous.

To awaken him, we activate the button from the altar. He is practically a giant thresher, that does an incredibly amount of damage, even when we are at level 50.

If we die, we may get lucky and get a second chance by shooting one of its tentacles. If we’re good enough to take it down, we collect what we can from the vast  amount of items he drops, and we return to Tannis in Sanctuary to complete Borderlands 2 You. Will. Die. Seriously.

If we have followed the complete Borderlands 2 walkthrough and accomplished all optional missions in the game, we should also get an achievement/trophy.

Borderlands 2 Walkthrough
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