Borderlands 2 Too Close For Missiles Walkthrough

Borderlands 2 Too Close For Missiles Walkthrough

When we first travel to The Dust, we have the opportunity to activate an optional mission (Borderlands 2 Too Close For Missiles) by speaking to a character named Loggins, who’s located in Ellie’s Garage.

In Borderlands 2 Too Close For Missiles, we need to help Loggins get revenge on the gyro pilots that fired him, by destroying their volleyball court.


“An ex-gyro pilot named Loggins has been kicked out of his flight squad in The Dust. He’s asked you to enact (an admittedly roundabout) revenge on them by destroying the volleyball court they use to blow off steam in between air raids. Don’t forget a fire or explosive weapon to finish the job!”

Level: 13


Money: $196

Item: Assault Rifle / SMG

Experience: 910 XP


The gyro squad’s base is close to Ellie’s Garage, but it can’t be reached using conventional means. Navigating to the waypoint will reveal the fact that in order to enter the base we have to make a jump using that giant angled rock.

Jumping should be fairly easy, but as soon as we step inside their base, the enemies will start attacking us.

This means that it is a good idea to use our vehicle’s weapons as long as we can, because we also have a secondary objective to kill the buzzard pilots (the flying helicopters), a task that can be accomplished faster while standing inside the vehicle.

For the next Borderlands 2 Too Close For Missiles objective, we need to go to the six waypoints inside the base to collect 4 volleyballs and 2 gas cans.

After we acquire all items, we move to the new waypoint, and we douse the volleyball net with gas, and then we shoot it using a fire weapon.

Doing this will spawn three new enemies, called Shirtless Men, who need to be eliminated to complete our objective.

We return to Ellie’s Garage to speak with Loggins in order to finish the Borderlands 2 Too Close For Missiles mission and choose between two rewards.

Now we can attend to other missions revealed in our Borderlands 2 walkthrough, or those available in The Dust region.

Borderlands 2 Too Close For Missiles Walkthrough

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