Borderlands 2 Toil and Trouble Walkthrough

Borderlands 2 Toil and Trouble Walkthrough

Borderlands 2 Toil and Trouble is the next story mission that is activated at the end of the previous one, Where Angels Fear to Tread (Part 2), when we speak to Mordecai in Sanctuary.

He says to go and find out where the Warrior is buried in order to find Jack and have our revenge.


“Mordecai has determined that if you find where the Warrior is buried, you will find Jack. The Hyperion Info Stockade has the info you need.”

Level: 25


Eridium: 4

Experience: 8574 XP


The first thing to do in Borderlands 2 Toil and Trouble is to travel to The Dust area, and from there, we have to take the newly opened exit point to Eridium Blight, the final biggest area from Borderlands 2.

Once inside this area, it is possible to find a new species of Bullymongs, but that’s nothing our vehicle’s weapons can’t handle. Also, we may get attacked by some new loader types.

Next, we need to go in the area with the exit point to Arid Nexus – Boneyard. Unfortunately, the path will be blocked, thus Brick instructs us to go to Sawtooth Cauldron.

This can be done if we use the exit point in the northern side of Eridium Blight. To get access to the Hyperion Info Stockade, Brick wants us to steal some explosives from a bandit camp in Sawtooth Cauldron.

Therefore, when we enter this new area, Brick tells us to go to Guano Grotto, and then ascend Inferno Tower, the large construction that can be observed from distance. It’s much easier to drop down on the left side of the main road to arrive in Main Street Reservoir region, after which we enter Smoking Guano Grotto, a large underground area.

The moment we get inside, we receive another message from Brick who tells us to use the elevator if we want to get to the explosives. Now, we have to deal with the opponents before getting in the large elevator. The elevator is at the top, and we need to use the button to call it down.

When we do this, we get ambushed and we have to get rid of four Ambush Commanders, who are actually bigger Nomads that carry shields.

Unfortunately, the elevator is not moving even after we kill the commanders, but Brick comes with the idea to find the buzzards hangars and destroy Boombringer, the beloved buzzard of the clan leader known as Mortar. Doing this will make Mortar angry, and he will come down to kill us.

Therefore, we have to go back in the Main Street Reservoir area. When we get outside Guano Grotto, the main objective in Borderlands 2 Toil and Trouble states that we should access Cramfist’s Foundry. We can ignore the threshers from the water, but we should kill the enemies from the camp if they get to close.

Before we can enter the buzzards’ hangars, we have to destroy the two gun turrets that are guarding the stairs. Once inside, we also have to eliminate the resistance coming from the buzzards, bandits and from two other turrets. Then we can open the hangars so we can destroy Boombringer.

Now we can return to the elevator, and we can kill Mortar as well, as a secondary objective in Borderlands 2 Toil and Trouble.

Tip: There is a faster route back to Smoking Guano Grotto, if we use the hole near the small conveyor belt that is close to the hangar area.

Mortar waits for us inside the elevator, but it is not hard to kill it (if we want to accomplish the side objective). We use the elevator to ascend the Inferno Tower, and once on top of the tower, we have to destroy five buzzards to allow Brick’s men to come in and steal the explosives.

Tip: While in here, we might want to activate an optional mission named The Great Escape, if we haven’t already done that.

After we complete our task, we need to attach beacons on four Odomo crates in order to steal them and use them to blow up the path to the Info Stockade. Now our job is finished, and we can just jump off the tower to quickly get to the exit point to Eridium Blight.

Next, we travel to the exit point to Arid Nexus –Boneyard, and we use the bridge created by the explosion. We arrive in this new area and we turn in the Borderlands 2 Toil and Trouble mission by pressing a button nearby. This will automatically trigger the next story mission called Data Mining.

Borderlands 2 Toil and Trouble Walkthrough

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