Borderlands 2 The Pretty Good Train Robbery Walkthrough

Borderlands 2 The Pretty Good Train Robbery Walkthrough

In order to complete Mine, All Mine optional mission for Lilith, we have to turn in the mission to Tiny Tina in Tundra Express; and by speaking with her we can activate the Borderlands 2 The Pretty Good Train Robbery side-mission.

In Borderlands 2 The Pretty Good Train Robbery optional mission we have to rob one of the Hyperion’s trains that cross the Tundra Express region.


“Lilith discovered that some of the Hyperion trains heading through Tundra Express carry a buttload of cash. If you can stop one of the trains and blow it open, you’ll be able to steal the cash it’s carrying.”

Level: 15


Item: Grenade

Experience: 2333 XP


The first task in Borderlands 2 The Pretty Good Train Robbery, after speaking with Tiny Tina, is to grab the four dynamite sticks that are inside her workshop. Then, we have to steal the bandits’ money that they get from the Hyperion Corporation.

For this, we need to go inside their base and use Tina’s dynamite to dislodge the gate. After getting rid of the opponents that stand in our way, we go to the marked location and we plant the explosives.

We take  few steps back from the explosion zone, and when the gate is down, we need to radio off Hyperion to look like we might have some Eridium for sale.

The payroll train will arrive and will obviously have nowhere to go. The next thing to do is to put the remaining explosives from Tina in the three Eridium loaders to blow up the safes. As before, we go back a little, and we wait for the explosion.

Once the safes explode, a large amount of cash will drop from them, so we have to immediately collect it, because the train’s defenses will be activated. The turrets that emerge from the top of the train can be avoided if we stick close to the train’s wagons.

From this vantage point we can easily dispose of them using whatever weapon we like (although a corrosive weapon will complete the job faster).

Note that while destroying the turrets is not actually an objective, it’s recommended we do this, because they can kill us on our way out, and some extra experience points are always welcomed.

Next, we head back to Tina to finish Borderlands 2 The Pretty Good Train Robbery optional mission so we can concentrate to other missions featured in Borderlands 2.

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