Borderlands 2 The Overlooked: This Is Only a Test Walkthrough

When we complete The Overlooked: Shields Up optional mission, we can acquire the third and last one in this series, known as Borderlands 2 The Overlooked: This Is Only a Test.

Now that the town of Overlook has a shield, Karima wants to test it, by using the Hyperion mortar in one of their installations.


“The shield you built for Overlook hasn’t been activated for a test yet. It’s time to fix that. Karima has asked you to head to a nearby Hyperion installation and program a mortar to fire at Overlook. If all goes well, the shield will activate and repel the blast.”

Level: 18


Item: Shield

Experience: 3208 XP


In Borderlands 2 The Overlooked: This Is Only a Test, our first task is to get to the Hyperion installation, preferably using a vehicle.

The Hyperion installation it’s actually the same facility from where we get an ECHO recording for Patricia Tannis in Hidden Journals optional mission. We deal with the two turrets at the entrance and then we proceed inside.

Here, the only enemies found are the loaders and the engineers, thus is recommended to bring a corrosive weapon with us. When the area is cleared of enemies, we can continue with our objective. We go near the mortar controls and we deploy it. Then we have to aim it at Overlook, after which the last button will be enabled, the one we use to fire the mortar. We notice that the first shot was actually an excuse for Karima to get rid of the annoying Dave.

Now, it’s time for the real test, with the shield on. We repeat the process with the mortar, and the test proves to be successful.

It’s time for us to return to Karima to finish Borderlands 2 The Overlooked: This Is Only a Test, so we can concentrate on other quests listed in our Borderlands 2 Highlands walkthrough.

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