Borderlands 2 The Overlooked: Shields Up Walkthrough

At the end of The Overlooked: Medicine Man, we can trigger the next mission in the series (Borderlands 2 The Overlooked: Shields Up) by speaking with the hologram girl, Karima, in Overlook (The Highlands).

In Borderlands 2 The Overlooked: Shields Up optional mission we have to help Karima build a shield for Overlook by donating some shields.


“The residents of Overlook want to rebel against their Hyperion overlords. This will be difficult to do, however, so long as Hyperion holds the ability to level the entire town with a single lunar assault. Karima asked you to drop as many shields as you can into the Overlook grinder. Once you’’ve ground up enough shields, Karima can use the scraps to build a shield that will protect the city (not unlike Sanctuary’s).”

Level: 18


Money: $173

Item: SMG / Shield

Experience: 4812 XP


When Borderlands 2 The Overlooked: Shields Up mission starts, our objective is to drop five shields into the Overlook grinder marked by the waypoint. Here, we have two choices. We either buy some shields if we don’t have some to spare, or we continue on killing enemies or looting chests to find the necessary amount.

Obviously, buying shields from Zed’s vending machine nearby is the fastest and easiest method. Once we acquire five shields we climb the stairs near the grinder, we open our backpack, and we drop the shields.

The grinder will start operating; and for each shield dropped inside it will make us a shield core.

After we have all the parts, we deliver them to Karima. Then we turn in Borderlands 2 The Overlooked: Shields Up in the exact same location, and we start the last one in the series, called The Overlooked: This Is Only a Test.

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