Borderlands 2 Symbiosis Walkthrough

Borderlands 2 Symbiosis Walkthrough

After completing at least two optional missions for Sir Hammerlock in Southern Shelf, we can unlock another Borderlands 2 optional mission called Borderlands 2 Symbiosis, which can be completed in Southern Shelf Bay area.

Borderlands 2 Symbiosis mission requires us to kill a special type of enemy (a midget in a symbiotic relationship with a bullymong).

Even if the Borderlands 2 Symbiosis mission starts in Southern Shelf, it can be considered a Southern Shelf Bay quest since that is the location where we will find the bullymong-riding midget.

Note: We make sure that we complete the Borderlands 2 Symbiosis mission before starting the Best Minion Ever story mission, which sends us to a new area.


“Sir Hammerlock has heard rumors of a midget hiding out within Southern Shelf Bay, who formed a symbiotic relationship with a bullymong. He’s asked you to find it and kill it.”

Level: 5


Money: $39

Item: Head Customization

Experience: 362 XP


When we enter Southern Shelf Bay (using the Southern Shelf exit) we go left to the large waypoint on the map (if the area has been visited before without activating the mission, the waypoint will indicate the exact position of the enemy).

We’ll eventually arrive at Blackburn Cove, a town from Southern Shelf Bay area (larger than Liar’s Berg from Southern Shelf), that has more enemies than the previous location.

It is advised that we try to kill them from distance (it’s much easier using a sniper rifle if we own one), after which we can spare some time to collect more loot from this area.

When we navigate to the upper levels of the city (where the signs with The Bizzare writing are) we’ll encounter more enemies in some close quarters so we best use a shotgun or a powerful pistol.

We need to explore the area there and kill all the enemies and then we climb higher using a ladder and some stairs to reach the top level where the vending machines are.

Once we reach the top floor, a door will open and the enemy we are looking for, Midgemong, will come out to get us. Usually, he gets down to a lower level so we’ll maintain our postion (top floor) and try to kill it with a medium or long range weapon.

Note: We need to be careful, because inside the room with the vending machines is a badass enemy which can kill us quickly if we focus on the bullymong-riding midget.

Killing the weaker enemies only seems to get others spawned so if we don’t want to waste any ammo, we’ll kill only those who get upstairs, near us.

Midgemong is a fast and powerful boss (with two life bars) so, assuming that we are at level 5, we might want to use Phaselock (if we play as a Siren) as much as we can.

Combat Tip: If we run out of ammo or our health drops during the battle, we can always purchase more from the vending machines near us.

The fight against Midgemong in Borderlands 2 Symbiosis has two phases, since we must kill both the bullymong and the midget.

First, we should take care of the midget, then we can focus on the bullymong, who will start throwing rocks. If we kill the bullymong first, the midget will come towards us, and we will lose the high-ground advantage.

As soon as both enemies are dead, we can return in Southern Shelf to Sir Hammerlock to turn in the Borderlands 2 Symbiosis mission and collect our rewards.

Our next quest should be the Borderlands 2 story mission named Best Minion Ever.

Borderlands 2 Symbiosis Walkthrough

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