Borderlands 2 Statuesque Walkthrough

Borderlands 2 Statuesque Walkthrough

Borderlands 2 Statuesque side-mission can be triggered when we first travel to Opportunity, if we visit the bounty board found in the city.

In Borderlands 2 Statuesque, Claptrap asks us to go and destroy some of Jack’s statues from around the city.


“Claptrap has asked you to destroy the statues of Handsome Jack in Opportunity, because evidently destroying an image of the bad guy is more important than actually trying to kill the bad guy.”

Level: 23


Item: Head Customization

Experience: 4934 XP


As soon as we start Borderlands 2 Statuesque, four waypoints will appear on the map. We walk to the nearest one and we start shooting Jack’s statue.

Unfortunately, bullets don’t do any damage; hence Claptrap will tell us to go to Orbital Delivery Zone to acquire a deactivated constructor known as Overseer.

When we enter this area, an extremely powerful badass constructor will spawn on the landing pad near the water, along with his minions. An interesting tactic that can be used here is to approach him on the pier side of this area and then get cover inside an empty container. Assuming we haven’t alerted the other enemies, we can just stay inside and shoot him using a good corrosive rocket launcher for maximum damage. The only things that need to be avoided are his lasers and his homing missiles.

When he’s dead, we can resume our search for Overseer. He is in a hangar in the building with the large Hyperion sign above the entrance. We get inside and we hack it. He will activate itself and exit the hangar.

Now we have to escort and protect him while he destroys the four statues. Also, as a secondary objective in Borderlands 2 Statuesque, we must not allow his health to drop below 50%.

This is, however, a hard task, because the enemies will spawn immediately after the Overseer starts to cut a statue.

Tip: In Borderlands 2 Statuesque, if the Overseer gets damaged, we will fail the mission and will have to start again from the beginning, by activating the quest from the bounty board.

We must defeat our enemies in a specific order, depending on their threat level, starting with the weaponized loaders. Only after we get rid of all of them, our hacked constructor will move to the next statue. This one is the statue from where we get the Written by the Victor optional mission.

This means a Constructor will spawn in the area, so we must plan ahead and equip a high damage rocket launcher, because the Overseer can be easily damaged by the Constructor. At the third statue, some engineers will come through the doors, and after that, a super badass loader will spawn, becoming our top priority.

At the last statue in Borderlands 2 Statuesque the fight will be tough, because a Constructor will spawn again on the bridge that leads to the big blue building. Since he does not seem to use his laser on Overseer; we will eliminate the other forces before him.

When the statue is down and the area is clear, Claptrap asks us to activate the Overseer’s dancing function by pressing the button on his left side.

Unfortunately, he does not have any dancing protocols, and he will just explode. Now we can go to turn in Borderlands 2 Statuesque by speaking with Claptrap in Sanctuary.

Borderlands 2 Statuesque Walkthrough

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