Borderlands 2 Shielded Favors Walkthrough

Borderlands 2 Shielded Favors Walkthrough

After we complete This Town Ain’t Big Enough Borderlands 2 mission, we can get two new missions from Sir Hammerlock in Liar’s Berg (Southern Shelf area), and one of them is called Borderlands 2 Shielded Favors; a mission which involves getting a better shield from an abandoned shop.

The second mission is called Bad Hair Day and it is also an optional mission which awards us more experience points, money and several useful items.


“Sir Hammerlock has suggested that, if you’re expecting to leave Southern Shelf alive, you’’ll need a better shield. He wants you to head to an abandoned shop and former Crimson Raider base known as Brewster’s Shield Bashers. Once there, you can purchase a better shield.”

Level: 3


Money: $31

Item: Skin Customization

Experience: 160 XP


To complete Borderlands 2 Shielded Favors we follow the waypoint on the map to get to a building located in the harbor.

After taking care of the enemies we climb up the stairs and we activate the elevator, only to receive a message from Sir Hammerlock that the fuse was broken by Claptrap.

Next, we go to the most southern point of Southern Shelf area, where the electric fence is and kill all enemies there.

Instead of listening to Claptrap’’s suggestion of running through the fence, we shot the electric box that is behind the fence in order to deactivate it. While facing the fence, we look to the left, and we spot the electric box, which is green.

Combat Tip: A good idea is to disable the fence after we kill the Bullymongs on the other side.

If we trick them to come towards us, they will take additional damage from the fence, making our job a lot easier.

We collect the fuse from there and we return to the elevator. We put the fuse back, we use the elevator to climb up, and we buy a shield from the vending machine located there.

After that we can return to Sir Hammerlock to complete Borderlands 2 Shielded Favors and start the Bad Hair Day mission.

Borderlands 2 Shielded Favors Walkthrough

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