Borderlands 2 Sawtooth Cauldron Walkthrough

Borderlands 2 Sawtooth Cauldron Walkthrough

Borderlands 2 Sawtooth Cauldron is a medium size area that’s adjacent to Eridium Blight, and it’s best to access it during a specific story mission near the end of the game, because we can also accomplish some optional missions while in here.

Borderlands 2 Sawtooth Cauldron features only one exit point to Eridium Blight, and it’s also missing the Catch-a-Ride system because of its size and layout.

The vending machines are also scarce, being present only at the entrance and in the center.

The size of Sawtooth Cauldron is similar to the one of Lynchwood area, but its configuration is completely different.

In the center it features a large tower that can only be accessed via an elevator from an underground area (story related).

The remaining space is divided into four major areas that take some time to navigate from one to another if we don’t use the shortcuts from the central underground area.

Another important fact to note regarding Borderlands 2 Sawtooth Cauldron is that we can only return to the area with the exit point and the fast travel system if we jump from the top of the large tower.

The bandit camps are omnipresent, because this is a bandit controlled area.

This means they are also our main opponents in Sawtooth Cauldron.

While we don’t have access to vehicles, the bandits can move around using buzzards.

In the lower area on the map, and especially near water (north-west and south-east), we can easily find many threshers that can pose a threat if they catch us off guard.

Firemelons are as well found in a few places.

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