Borderlands 2 Rakkaholics Anonymous Walkthrough

Borderlands 2 Rakkaholics Anonymous Walkthrough

In Borderlands 2, if we speak to Mordecai in Sanctuary after Wildlife Preservation story mission, we can get some optional missions and one of these missions is Borderlands 2 Rakkaholics Anonymous.

In Borderlands 2 Rakkaholics Anonymous, given the events in Wildlife Preservation, where his bird Bloodwing is killed, Mordecai wants us to get him some booze from The Dust area.


“Given what happened to Bloodwing, Mordecai wants to get superbly drunk. He has, quite simply, asked you to get him enough booze to knock out a rakk hive. You can steal some rakk ale from the booze runners in The Dust.”

Level: 20


Item: Sniper Rifle / Pistol

Experience: 3859 XP


When we travel to The Dust region after picking up the mission from Mordecai, if we pay attention, we can see that the waypoint is moving around the map.

The premise here is quite simple: the rakk ale is being transported with a vehicle named Moonshiner; hence we have to get a vehicle to chase the Moonshiner.

The vehicle is invincible, so we just have to shoot the barrels above it to make them fall down. We can collect them using the vehicle, or return later, after we downed enough of them.

Regardless, the Moonshiner, will continue dropping the kegs until we collect ten of them. At some point in this mission, Moxxi will contact us to propose a business.

If we give her the booze instead of Mordecai, she will give us her pistol, Ruby. But Mordecai does not give in, and he promises to offer us one of his old sniper rifles if we get him the beer.

Once we have ten kegs of beer we can return to Sanctuary. In here, the choice is ours, but the weapon we choose depends on our character’s class.

We speak to either Mordecai or Moxxi, we get our reward, and by doing so we complete the Borderlands 2 Rakkaholics Anonymous quest and we continue to play other missions presented in our Borderlands 2 walkthrough.

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