Borderlands 2 Positive Self Image Walkthrough

Borderlands 2 Positive Self Image Walkthrough

In The Dust area we will meet with a new NPC called Ellie and if we speak with her (at Ellie’s Garage) we can get an optional mission known as Borderlands 2 Positive Self Image.

In Borderlands 2 Positive Self Image, Ellie tells us that the bandits made some hood ornaments depicting her appearance, but she actually likes the ornaments and she would like to have some of them.


“The Hodunk bandits in The Dust have made a hood ornament mocking Ellie’s appearance. Unfortunately for them, Ellie has taken a liking to the ornaments and wants a few to use as decoration. She has asked you to destroy any car with the ornament attached to it and bring the ornaments back to her.”

Level: 13


Item: Eridian Relic

Experience: 1820 XP


The Borderlands 2 Positive Self Image mission is self-explanatory, because we only need to collect six “Ellie the Belly” ornaments from the bandits’ cars. First thing we need to do is grab ourselves a strong vehicle from a Catch-a-Ride system and then go hunting around The Dust area, especially in the two large waypoints on the map.

All we have to do is destroy the Bandit Technical vehicles we encounter, so that they drop the hood ornament which can be collected by simply running over it with our vehicle.

Note, that even if we do have another mission set as active, destroying the vehicles and collecting the ornaments still counts towards our goal. After collecting all six required hood ornaments, we can return to Ellie who asks us to decorate her garage with these new ornaments.

Now, all that is left to do is press the action button at the marked locations around the garage (a silhouette shows us the exact location of each ornament).

Next, we should speak with Ellie to complete the Borderlands 2 Positive Self Image and receive a new type of reward, an Eridium Artifact, which can boost our character’s performance in different areas.

We can continue to play more missions in The Dust, or we can visit other Borderlands 2 regions.

Borderlands 2 Positive Self Image Walkthrough

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