Borderlands 2 Plan B Walkthrough

Borderlands 2 Plan B Walkthrough

Completing The Road to Sanctuary mission unlocks the next story mission in the game, called Borderlands 2 Plan B.

This is actually the first mission that we can acquire in Sanctuary.

In Borderlands 2 Plan B mission we need to accomplish the plan Roland made in the event of his disappearance, because he vanished right when we arrived to Sanctuary.

Being our first visit here,  gives us the possibility to activate some optional missions, marked by the exclamation marks on the map.


“You’ have made it to Sanctuary. This would be awesome, were it not for the fact that the man you came here to find – Roland, the leader of the Crimson Raiders went missing shortly before your arrival.”

Level: 9


Money: $24

Item: Storage Deck Upgrade

Experience: 1450 XP


Tip: Before going to another area we should complete the Borderlands 2 Plan B mission, because it takes place only in Sanctuary and it also unlocks more optional missions which will lead us to other game areas.

In the beginning of the mission we just need to go to the gate, and after we enter the town, The Angel tells us to go to speak with a mechanic.

We go inside his garage, only to find out that the mechanic is a NPC called Scooter (who is also a character from the first Borderlands video game).

Talking to him reveals Roland’s so called Plan B, and we’ll also receive a bar of Eridium, one of the most sought-after commodities on Pandora (since the opening of the Vault at the end of the original game) that can be used to buy character upgrades at The Black Market.

Scooter wants us to collect two power cells from his garage (one is behind a car, and the other one is on a shelf upstairs) and a third one that must be bought from The Black Market.

But before that, we must install the power cells that we already have by lifting two hatches located in the center of town. At this point we can get to The Black Market and buy something from Crazy Earl in order to give us the third power cell.

We now go to the last hatch to install the power cell, but the plan does not work the way Scooter intended, so we must head to the next waypoint to find out what Roland’s message has to say to us.

We obtain the key that unlocks Roland’s Command Center and we get inside to listen to the ECHO device on the table, and also trigger the next story mission, named Hunting the Firehawk.

Borderlands 2 Plan B Walkthrough

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