Borderlands 2 Out of Body Experience Walkthrough

Borderlands 2 Out of Body Experience Walkthrough

Borderlands 2 Out of Body Experience mission can be activated if we head back to Bloodshot Stronghold after A Dam Fine Rescue story mission.

We can trigger Borderlands 2 Out of Body Experience optional mission by picking up an AI Core that’s not far on the path inside this facility (the exclamation mark on the map).

In Borderlands 2 Out of Body Experience, we have to help Loader #1340 (the possessor of the AI core we picked up earlier) to find a new body.


“After blasting Loader #1340’s AI core out of his body, he has requested that you help him find a new one. This may involve him attempting to kill you a few times, but it’s not like that’s anything new. For now, Loader #1340 wants you to put him inside on inactive constructor bot.”

Level: 15


Item: Shotgun / Shield

Experience: 2333 XP


After picking up the AI core from Bloodshot Stronghold we navigate further in the facility to access the dam above, by using the exit point to Bloodshot Ramparts.

We go to the waypoint and after getting rid of the enemies there, we insert the AI core in the robot. He does not like that body, so he starts to attack us immediately.

While eliminating the EXP Loaders and the turrets that he spawns is an easy task, killing Constructor #1340 is much more difficult, because it has a powerful rocket launcher on his back that needs to be avoided at all costs.

A good strategy to beat Constructor #1340 is to either use a good rocket launcher on him, or stay behind the broken vehicle and shoot through the window (his rockets can’t reach us here, but we still need to be careful if he spawns more minions).

After defeating him, we pick up the AI core again and we move to another waypoint to install it in a WAR Loader. Human enemies are present here as well, but the tougher fight starts when we insert the AI core in the robot.

This time we face other types of loaders, and the boss’s health tends to drop quickly if using a proper rocket launcher (the thing is that we have to finish this fight as fast as possible, or the robot will spawn more minions).

When the fight ends, we pick up the AI core for the third time and we head back to Sanctuary, in Moxxi’s bar. Here we install the core in the radio on the wall, but the music played by the robot is bad, and we have to shoot Radio #1340.

Next, we are presented with a choice: we either give the AI core to Zed to receive a shield, or we give him to Marcus to receive a weapon. The choice is ours to make and depends on the item we need the most.

After we decide what item to pick, Borderlands 2 Out of Body Experience ends, and we can continue to complete other missions listed in our Borderlands 2 walkthrough.

Borderlands 2 Out of Body Experience Walkthrough

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