Borderlands 2 Mine, All Mine Walkthrough

Borderlands 2 Mine, All Mine Walkthrough

Borderlands 2 Mine, All Mine is an optional mission that’s available to us after completing A Train to Catch.

In order to acquire Borderlands 2 Mine, All Mine we have to speak with Lilith in Sanctuary.

She asks us to go and investigate the Eridium mine from Tundra Express and kill the bandit miners we find there.


“Lilith has asked you to investigate an Eridium mine in Tundra Express. Given how dangerous unrefined Eridium can be in the wrong hands – which is to say, any hands that aren’t Lilith’s, Roland’s, or yours – Lilith has asked you to exterminate the bandits at the mine and find out where they’re sending the Eridium.”

Level: 15


Eridium: 4

Experience: 2333 XP


Our first objective in Borderlands 2 Mine, All Mine, is to travel to Tundra Express and visit the mine that’s on the other side of the map (north side). Once we enter the enemies’ camp, we have to kill ten of them to find out where they take the Eridium.

After we finish with them, we need to kill the head miner, Prospector Zeke. He is on the top of the mining facility; hence, we climb up using the conveyor belt, while avoiding the pistons.

A secondary objective is to kill him using Slag, so if we don’t own a Slag weapon we might want to check the weapon chests that are near Zeke, because it’s a high chance to find one in here (we check the small one first).

After defeating Prospector Zeke, Lilith will tell us that Tiny Tina has a job for us.

Therefore, the Borderlands 2 Mine, All Mine mission has to be turned in to Tina in Tundra Express in order to activate the next one, The Pretty Good Train Robbery; which was also included in our Borderlands 2 text walkthrough.

Borderlands 2 Mine, All Mine Walkthrough

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