Borderlands 2 Walkthrough

Borderlands 2 In Memoriam Walkthrough

Borderlands 2 In Memoriam optional mission can be accessed after we finish Hunting the Firehawk story mission; from Lilith who will go to Crimson Raiders’ HQ (our safe house).

If we visit her, we can access two new Borderlands 2 optional missions. One of these missions is called In Memoriam, and it takes place in Three Horns Divide region.

To complete the Borderlands 2 In Memoriam mission, Lilith wants us to go and kill a man named Boll, who has a recording in which she fakes her own death.


“Lilith faked her death a couple of years ago in order to throw Hyperion off her scent. Unfortunately, a particularly enterprising bandit in Three Horns Divide managed to bug Lilith’s hideout and plans to sell the recordings to Hyperion. You must find this man and kill him.”

Level: 11


Money: $156

Item: Head Customization

Experience: 1363 XP


We take a vehicle and we go to the waypoint located near the exit point to Frostburn Canyon. As we enter the gate with the “Beware” sign above it, we’ll be attacked by some powerful skags. It is better that we try to eliminate them from a safe distance, by going back through the gate and letting them come to us.

Then we can take care of Boll, who is the only human enemy in this small camp (note that he might throw some grenades at us when we’re dealing with the skags).

He should fall down quick enough if we bring some fire weapons in the fight, but if we get near him, he’ll use a very fast leap attack that can throw us back.

Tip: It seems that he will not follow us if we exit through the gate, but he will still be in our range, so we better use this in our advantage.

After he is defeated, Lilith will contact us saying to pick up what he dropped. Listening to the ECHO recording we just picked up reveals the locations for three additional recordings.

The first one is very close, because it’s just across the road, in the small structure with a boat hull above it. There are a few enemies that can be dealt with fast enough, but we must pay attention to the small room at the top, for the fact that getting close to it will spawn two badass enemies inside (we can use the shock barrel to the left for some quick damage).

The recording may actually be hard to find if we don’t pay attention, because we don’t have to search all rooms, and we don’t even have to use the ladder to get on the boat. The right thing to do is to stand close to the road, look up above, shoot the anchor’s chain, and then we can collect the ECHO device attached to it.

The second device is easier to find and it is located in the area with the big pump and melted snow, near Sanctuary’s entrance. Next to the said pump we can spot a pressure valve with a green glowing tap. So we need to turn on the tap so that the steam’s pressure can eject our second ECHO device.

For the third and final ECHO device in Borderlands 2 In Memoriam we need to travel to the south, but we don’t have to drop down where the exit point to Southern Shelf is, because the recording is on the two pipes above us.

In order to get on top of them we climb one of the containers there (not the one with the chests around), and then another one, and then jump to the ladder that will get us up. We collect the ECHO device attached to the pillar, and then we can open the chest to find better weapons.

Now, we can now return to Sanctuary and speak with Lilith to complete Borderlands 2 In Memoriam mission.

We can continue to play additional missions in Sanctuary, or explore other Borderlands 2 regions.

Borderlands 2 Walkthrough
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