Borderlands 2 Hyperion Contract #873 Walkthrough

Borderlands 2 Hyperion Contract #873 Walkthrough

Borderlands 2 Hyperion Contract #873 is a mission acquired if we go visit the bounty board from The Highlands area after The Man Who Would Be Jack story mission.

When we activate the Borderlands 2 Hyperion Contract #873 mission, the Hyperion Corporation will contact us to propose a deal: if we kill enough bandits for them, they’ll give us a weapon specially crafted for us.


“The Hyperion Corporation is offering you a unique gun if you kill the requisite number of bandits for them. Though you would be wise not to trust Hyperion, a reward is a reward, and a dead bandit is a dead bandit.”

Level: 25


Item: Sniper Rifle

Experience: 5716 XP


The objectives in Borderlands 2 Hyperion Contract #873 side-mission are pretty much straightforward. The main objective states that we have to kill 100 bandits, but this has to be done through various means.

Thus, we have to kill 25 bandits using each type of elemental weapon available in Borderlands 2: fire weapons, corrosive weapons, shock weapons and explosive weapons.

Borderlands 2 Hyperion Contract #873 is rather long; therefore, it i’s best that we attend to other missions in the meantime, because the killed bandits will count towards our goal even if we don’t set this mission as active.

Our targets can be found in the majority of areas from Pandora, and the only thing to remember is to use different elemental weapons on them.

Or, if we don’t want to focus on another mission, we could fast travel to some areas that have been unlocked earlier in the game, because the enemies are much weaker than our character, and we can kill them faster.

When we can’t find opponents in an area, we should move to other regions, until we complete our goals.

Tip: If we go to Bloodshot Stronghold, we can accomplish all tasks until we reach the fast travel point from Bloodshot Ramparts, without even breaking a sweat.

After we kill the required number of bandits, we can return to the bounty board from Overlook in The Highlands region to end Borderlands 2 Hyperion Contract #873 and get our reward.

Borderlands 2 Hyperion Contract #873 Walkthrough

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