Borderlands 2 Home Movies Walkthrough

Borderlands 2 Home Movies Walkthrough

Borderlands 2 Home Movies is activated if we speak to Lilith in Sanctuary after The Once and Future Slab mission.

In Borderlands 2 Home Movies Lilith wants us to replace the Hyperion propaganda spread by Handsome Jack, with the help of a camcorder from Moxxi.


“Lilith wants you to hijack Hyperion’s dishonest tourism propaganda and replace it with something a little more truthful. And violent.”

Level: 23


Money: $304

Item: Eridium Artifact / Eridium Artifact

Experience: 4934 XP


If we want to replace the Hyperion propaganda, we have to go to Moxxi and borrow her camera. Once we have the camera, we can travel to Opportunity to complete Borderlands 2 Home Movies.

In Opportunity, Lilith will contact us regarding the picking of three surveyor lures and the murdering of five engineers. Also, she wants us to obtain a Hyperion supply beacon.

The first objective in Borderlands 2 Home Movies is to eliminate the five engineers, because they are easy to find (marked by the large waypoints on the map), and by doing this we can focus on the other objectives while undisturbed by their presence. It is even possible to complete this objective at a single marked spot (for example, near the surveyor lures).

Then we have to climb on the roof by jumping on one of the angled sustaining columns. We deal with the few enemies we find up here, and we collect the three homing beacons that are standing on the boxes.

With the surveyor lures now acquired, we go to the next set of three waypoints. Here we have to just place them on Jack’s signs so the surveyors can crash into them. Note that we should eliminate the enemies around here quickly, because if we don’t place the beacons, the surveyors will keep electrocute us.

Next we can head to the supply beacon, paying attention to the opponents, because, based on the chosen path, we may encounter a Constructor, who is better to be avoided in the first place. The supply beacon is inside a large container near a construction site (Orbital Delivery Zone), but the area must be cleared of enemies before getting it.

Once we have it, we will have to get to the next waypoint to place it. We should note that it’s wise to leave immediately after getting the supply beacon, because a Badass Constructor might spawn on the landing pad nearby, and he’s very difficult to defeat without the proper tools.

The next Borderlands 2 Home Movies objective is in Waterfront District, on the unfinished bridge that leads to the giant building with blue windows. We place the beacon and then we wait for the destruction of the crane that’s next to us.

Now that we have the required footage, we need to go to Co-Opportunity center to broadcast it, which is very close to our current location, but in an underground room. Thus, we drop down where the waypoint is, we eliminate the Hyperion snipers we find inside, and then we plug in the camera.

Next, all that is left to do is to press the button to upload the footage, after which we can return to Lilith in Sanctuary to complete Borderlands 2 Home Movies.

Borderlands 2 Home Movies Walkthrough

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