Borderlands 2 Doctor's Orders Walkthrough

Borderlands 2 Doctor’s Orders Walkthrough

Borderlands 2 Doctor’s Orders is an optional mission that’s available to us after we finish Bright Lights, Flying City.

We activate Borderlands 2 Doctor’s Orders by speaking with Patricia Tannis in Sanctuary.

Tannis wants us to find some notes regarding the Slag experimentation.


“Patricia Tannis needs you to collect some information on Slag experimentation. It’ll get kinda dark, to be entirely honest with you.”

Level: 20


Money: $434

Item: Pistol / Eridian Relic

Experience: 3859 XP


The first thing to do in Borderlands 2 Doctor’s Orders is to travel to Wildlife Exploitation Preserve. Here, we can spot four waypoints on the map, and we will need to go to each one to collect the notes on Slag experimentation.

Our first experiment note can be found on a desk inside the observation room from the area with the electrified fence.

Once we reach the Specimen Maintenance area, we can find the second experiment note inside a cardboard box, in the room with a large weapon chest. We should note that from that box a loot midget may also come out.

The third experiment note is inside the secret safe from the wall behind the Experimental Greeter. We just use the button behind the robot’s chair to open the panel that hides the safe.

The final experimentation note in Borderlands 2 Doctor’s Orders is actually the one that was close to us when we entered Wildlife Exploitation Preserve.

The waypoint is near a four door container/cage inside the facility. In order to get the note from one of the cages, we have to use the button to open the doors. By doing this we will release the stalkers inside. We eliminate them all and then we collect the last note.

Now, we can return to Patricia Tannis in Sanctuary to turn in Borderlands 2 Doctor’s Orders, get one of the rewards she has to offer, and continue to complete other Borderlands 2 missions.

Borderlands 2 Doctor's Orders Walkthrough

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