Borderlands 2 Demon Hunter Walkthrough

Borderlands 2 Demon Hunter Walkthrough

Borderlands 2 Demon Hunter is a side-mission available after Where Angels Fear to Tread story mission and it can be triggered from the bounty board in Sanctuary.

Listening to the distress call brings to our attention the fact that the people of Lynchwood are being attacked by a giant skag.


“There are reports of a demon murdering the townsfolk of Lynchwood. You have been hired to destroy it.”

Level: 29


Item: Sniper Rifle

Experience: 7430 XP


In Borderlands 2 Demon Hunter, first we need to go to Lynchwood. In this region, we take the path on the right side of the train station to get to the Old Abandoned Mine, while killing any skags we may encounter on the road.

We take the elevator down, and once inside the mine we can see the giant skag, who is actually Dukino’s mom, Dukino being the little skag in the Animal Rescue series of missions.

Her first attack is the beam shot from her mouth, which is very powerful and must be avoided as much as possible.

If we get close, she uses a ground pounding attack, so we better keep our distance. However, keeping a distance means she will use a secondary attack coming from her mouth, in the form of electrical balls which can quickly deplete our shield.

Her body is armored; hence we need to use corrosive weapons or high powered explosive weapons. If we try to use a rocket launcher, the rockets may bounce off her body, and even hit us back.

From time to time, bandits emerge from the tunnels and shoot Dukino’s mom. They are our second chance if she happens to kill us, thus it is better if we stay on the other side of the mine, opposed to the elevator.

After we kill this giant skag, Dukino comes out from his hiding spot, and we have to talk to him to complete Borderlands 2 Demon Hunter.

Borderlands 2 Demon Hunter Walkthrough

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