Borderlands 2 Customer Service Walkthrough

Borderlands 2 Customer Service Walkthrough

Borderlands 2 Customer Service is a timed optional mission that can be acquired from the bounty board in Eridium Blight.

Marcus got drunk and mailed out refund checks to some of his customers and now he wants them back.

Therefore, we have to retrieve Marcus’s refund checks in the allotted time.


“Last night, Marcus got drunk and accidentally developed a conscience. In his inebriated state, he mailed out several refund checks to those customers who had been disappointed and/or maimed by his products. Now sober and remorseful, he has asked you to collect the refund checks from the mailboxes before the auto-post sends them off.”

Level: 28


Money: $1074

Item: SMG / Grenade

Experience: 3491 XP


Since Borderlands 2 Customer Service is a timed mission, we have to prepare a vehicle to get to our destinations, preferably a Light Runner, because it’s faster. Also, we might want to plan ahead if we want to finish Borderlands 2 Customer Service in the allotted time.

Therefore, the correct mailbox to get first is the one in the southern side of the map, that’s inside a Hyperion facility.

We enter through the gates, we eliminate all spawned loaders, and only after that we open the mailboxes, because the timer will activate. Then we get in our vehicle and we head to the one in the eastern side of the area, near the pier.

The next three mailboxes are located in the northern part of Eridium Blight, and in order to reach them we have to go all the way around using the street, until we can cross the bridge that leads to the lava mountain.

The first one from this region is in a small enemy settlement near the exit point to Sawtooth Cauldron. We can also ignore the enemies if we don’t have time to kill them. For the next one we have to cross a small bridge over a lava river and then climb a ladder in order to reach it.

Enemies may come out from the shack near the mailbox, and it’s our choice if we get rid of them or not. The last mailbox is nearby, and we can get to it if we cross a small slanted bridge and then we enter Slagma Refinery region, another enemy camp.

When we have the five refund checks, we can return them to the bounty board in Eridium Blight to complete Borderlands 2 Customer Service and choose our reward. Now we can go back and complete other missions presented in out full Borderlands 2 Eridium Blight walkthrough.

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