Borderlands 2 Cult Following: Lighting the Match Walkthrough

Borderlands 2 Cult Following: Lighting the Match Walkthrough

Borderlands 2 Cult Following: Lighting the Match mission is granted to us by completing Cult Following: False Idols and speaking with Incinerator Clayton in Frostburn Canyon.

He tells us that we need to make a sacrifice for the Firehawk, and for that, we must travel to Southern Shelf area with a midget named Matchstick.

Borderlands 2 Cult Following: Lighting the Match mission is significantly longer and we’ll also meet again some bosses we have defeated earlier in the game.


“Incinerator Clayton wants you to take a mass-murdering midget named Matchstick to the freighter in Southern Shelf, put him in the mouth of the mechanized dragon head at the ship’s prow, and then burn him alive. To the Children of the Firehawk, this is not punishment – this is a reward.”

Level: 9


Money: $62

Item: Sniper Rifle

Experience: 967 XP


The first thing we need to do in Borderlands 2 Cult Following: Lighting the Match is to open the outhouse that’s near Incinerator Clayton and then pick up the midget inside. The character is known as Matchstick.

We can use the Fast Travel station from Frostburn Canyon to travel back to Southern Shelf, or we can exit back to Three Horns Divide and then take the southern path to Southern Shelf.

Next, we have to go to the freighter in the area where we previously completed Best Minion Ever story mission.

The path will be filled with enemies, but since we have a much higher level now, they should not represent a problem for us.

An important thing that we must be aware of is that the two bosses Boom and Bewm (Best Minion Ever mission) are in the area and they need to be defeated once more (easy task, considering our level).

We kill Bewm first, destroy Big Bertha cannon, and then kill Boom.

Our objective is actually at the ship’s prow, meaning that we need to go all the way to the top, where we defeated Flynt. He is also here, so applying the strategies learned before we should finish him off in order to complete our task.

After dealing with all the enemies we can go to the back side of the arena and hang Matchstick to the chain that’s coming from the mechanized dragon head.

All we have to do now is to use the lever on the right side to burn Matchstick and complete Borderlands 2 Cult Following: Lighting the Match.

Next, we have to return to Frostburn Canyon to trigger the last mission, Cult Following: The Enkindling, by talking to Clayton.

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