Borderlands 2 Clan War: First Place Walkthrough

Borderlands 2 Clan War: First Place Walkthrough

Borderlands 2 Clan War: First Place is a side-mission we receive by speaking with Mick Zaford in The Holy Spirits Bar at the end of Clan War: Starting the War. In revenge for his destroyed distillery, he wants us to go and destroy the Hodunk race cars.


“With the clan war kicked into high gear, Mick Zaford has asked you to crash the Hodunk’s beloved auto race and explosives to destroy every car on the track.”

Level: 18


Money: $346

Item: Shotgun / Grenade

Experience: 3208 XP


At the beginning of the Borderlands 2 Clan War: First Place mission we have to follow Mick Zaford in the basement of The Holy Spirits bar.

Inside, he opens a box from which we grab four explosives. After that we have to go to the race track in The Dust area. We go around the racetrack until we reach the final portion of it, where we can observe several painted arrows on the road.

In this location, we need to set the charges in the four boxes of fireworks. Next, we must to find a good vantage point by climbing the ladder where the pyro technician can be found. We get rid of him, and the race will commence.

At this point, we have to pay attention to the cars, so we can ignite the fireworks when the vehicles are on the bridge, in order to destroy three of them.

When our objective is completed, we can go back to Ellie by visiting her garage, to elaborate a revenge plan for the destroyed vehicles, and to complete Borderlands 2 Clan War: First Place.

Additionally, we will start the third mission in the series, a side-quest known as Clan War: Reach the Dead Drop.

Borderlands 2 Clan War: First Place Walkthrough

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