Borderlands 2 Capture the Flags Walkthrough

Borderlands 2 Capture the Flags Walkthrough

Talking to Brick in Sanctuary after Where Angels Fear to Tread story mission gives us the possibility to activate an optional mission known as Borderlands 2 Capture the Flags.

In Borderlands 2 Capture the Flags, Brick wants us to go to Sawtooth Cauldron and raise Slab flags in Mortar’s territory in order to prove their superiority.


“In their long-running war against Mortar’s Sawteeth clan, the Slabs have never captured any of Mortar’s territory. Brick is hoping you will change that. If you can raise three Slab flags on Mortar’s turf in Sawtooth Cauldron, the Slabs’ awesomeness as a bandit clan will be solidified.”

Level: 28


Item: Skin Customization

Experience: 6983 XP


While the premise of Borderlands 2 Capture the Flags optional mission might seem simple, we actually have to defend a flag while it’s raised. We should also note that it does not matter which of the three flags we raise first.

When we travel to Sawtooth Cauldron, we take a right turn and we go in the middle of Sawtooth Stilts region.

We place the flag at the marked location, and then we pull the lever to activate the generator that will raise the flag. Now, we have to wait until the flag is up top, while also defending the generator from the opponents.

The flag is raised extremely slow, thus is best to stay in cover and only return to the generator when it gets destroyed, in order to reset it. After the flag is raised, we have to destroy the generator to prevent the enemies from raising their flag instead.

Now we can climb their structures to access a short tunnel that leads west, to Scalding Remnants region. This area is mostly an open flat, hence we also have to take care of buzzards and threshers, apart from the usual bandits.

Then we place the flag at the waypoint near the edge of the map and we activate the generator. More buzzards will spawn trying to destroy the generator, and it also seems that they don’t try to shoot us at all, only if the generator’s health bar is depleted and it has to be reset. When the flag is up, we destroy the generator so we can move further.

For the last flag we have to walk a little more, because it’s on the other end of the map, in Main Street Reservoir region. Once in this area, the same drill applies.

We place the flag, we turn on the generator, and then we wait for the buzzards and the bandits to show in. We should also use a sniper rifle to eliminate the opponents from the top of the huge tower.

After we destroy the generator we can return to Brick in Sanctuary to complete Borderlands 2 Capture the Flags, so we can focus on other optional missions in this area.

Borderlands 2 Capture the Flags Walkthrough

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