Borderlands 2 Bandit Slaughter Walkthrough

When we gain access to The Fridge area, we might want to travel to Fink’s Slaughterhouse and talk to Fink, if we want to get an optional mission, named Borderlands 2 Bandit Slaughter.

Borderlands 2 Bandit Slaughter: Round 1 is actually the first mission in a series of five, in which we have to survive the Bandit Circle of Slaughter.


“You’’ve found Moxxi’’s first Circle of Slaughter, run by a bandit named Fink. Fink’s Slaughterhouse is, perhaps unsurprisingly, full of murderous bandits. You’ll have to survive five separate rounds, each with multiple waves of enemies.”

Level: Varies


Money: Varies

Experience: Varies


In Borderlands 2 Bandit Slaughter, immediately after we talk to Fink in Fink’s Slaughterhouse, he will open the door next to him. We go through that door and we climb the ladder in the middle of the factory. On this platform, we press the button to begin the fight.

The first task is to survive the round we activated, which actually links to the second one, by completing a number of waves. We also have several secondary objectives, which require us to kill a specific number of enemies with critical hits, ranging from 10 in the first round, to 50 in the last one.

The first three rounds in Borderlands 2 Bandit Slaughter feature three waves each, while the fourth and fifth rounds have four and five waves respectively.

Borderlands 2 Bandit Slaughter is straightforward, but the fight might prove very tough and may take a while if we don’t use the proper weapons on each enemy type (considering there are only human enemies it’s a good idea to equip some fire and shock weapons).

We also need to stock on ammo before proceeding with the fight, and it’s not a bad idea to have a rocket launcher in one of the weapon slots, because we can use it to get a second chance, if we die.

Moving around helps a lot, because if we stay in one place too much, the enemies will throw grenades at us, that could seriously damage our shield and throw us out of cover. We should also stay in cover when we want to regenerate our shield or when we are left with few enemies, preferably not melee opponents.

The ammo can be a problem in later rounds, and we might want to get some rest, to search for ammo crates or to recover our health. If we can, we should aim for the Goliath’s’ heads to turn them into Raging Goliath’s and attack our opponents.

After finishing the required number of waves, we return to Fink to complete Borderlands 2 Bandit Slaughter and activate the next round in the Borderlands 2 Bandit Slaughter series of missions.

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