Borderlands 2 Bad Hair Day Walkthrough

Borderlands 2 Bad Hair Day Walkthrough

Borderlands 2 Bad Hair Day is another optional mission that is received from Sir Hammerlock after completing This Town Ain’t Big Enough mission.

In this optional mission we have to collect some Bullymong hair for Sir Hammerlock.

As an optional quest, Borderlands 2 Bad Hair Day can be skipped; however, doing so will prevent our hero to earn more money, experience points, and one of the two weapons offered as a reward.

The following Borderlands 2 Bad Hair Day walkthrough explains how to complete this side-quest, available in the Southern Shelf area.


“Sir Hammerlock asked you to find some bullymong fur so he may decorate his hat with it. In order to collect the fur from the Bullymongs, you’’ll have to weaken them with gunfire, then finish them off with a melee attack.”

Level: 5


Money: $15

Items: Sniper Rifle / Shotgun

Experience: 362 XP


If we play Borderlands 2 Bad Hair Day with a character below level 5, we need to be careful because the Bullymongs are a bit tougher.

It really doesn’’t matter which waypoint we approach first, but if we go to the southern one and we haven’’t completed the Shielded Favors optional mission yet, we need to shoot the power box to deactivate the electric fence.

When we arrive in one of the four areas, we have to shoot the enemies until the health bar is low enough, and then carefully go near them and perform a melee attack so we can collect their fur.

Note: The Bullymongs’ fur required in this mission, drops only if the final blow comes from a melee attack. Killing a Bullymong with a conventional weapon will prevent the monster from dropping the required item.

At some point in this mission we will be contacted by Claptrap and then by Sir Hammerlock, so if we decide to give the fur to Hammerlock we’’ll receive a sniper rifle; instead, giving the fur to Claptrap will reward us with a shotgun.

Note: The weapon we choose depends on our character’s class.

Note: If we can’t find Sir Hammerlock, once we complete the quest; we continue to play other missions and we look for him in Sanctuary at Moxxis.

After we collect all the fur we return it to either one of them, depending on what weapon we want, and we complete Borderlands 2 Bad Hair Day.

The next optional mission included in our full Borderlands 2 walkthrough is Handsome Jack Here!

Borderlands 2 Bad Hair Day Walkthrough

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