Borderlands 2 Arms Dealing Walkthrough

Borderlands 2 Arms Dealing Walkthrough

During the final objective of Bright Lights, Flying City (or after the mission is finished, it really does not matter) we can acquire the Borderlands 2 Arms Dealing optional mission from the bounty board in Overlook, in The Highlands area.

In Borderlands 2 Arms Dealing optional mission, Zed needs our help in collecting some weapons packages before the time runs out.


“Zed has placed several orders with a prominent arms dealer named Varnell. These orders have just arrived in The Highlands, and Zed needs you to pick them up before they go bad. How exactly weapons can “go bad”, Zed neglected to explain.”

Level: 18


Money: $173

Item: Eridian Artifact / Shield

Experience: 1604 XP


Borderlands 2 Arms Dealing is a timed mission, so it’s a good idea to prepare a vehicle outside the town of Overlook before doing anything else. Then we can go to the first mailbox that’s exactly near the Catch-a-Ride system.

During this mission we have to open five mailboxes and collect the arms that are inside them. As soon as we pick the first arm, the mission timer starts, and we have to get inside our vehicle.

Next we must go as fast as we can to the southern part of the Highlands region to get the other four.

Until we learn the exact spots of the mailboxes, this mission may be a bit difficult. If we run out of time too often, we can try a trick: we park a vehicle near the highest location of the three mailboxes in south-eastern region, and we reactivate the mission from Overlook’s bounty board using another vehicle.

Then, after we get the first mailbox we use the Catch-a-Ride system to teleport to our first vehicle. That should give us a good time advantage.

After we have all five arms we need to deliver them to Zed’s mail box that’s exactly near the bounty board in Overlook.

Next, we use the bounty board to complete Borderlands 2 Arms Dealing and we continue to play other mission in the Highlands area.

Borderlands 2 Arms Dealing Walkthrough

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