Borderlands 2 Animal Rescue: Medicine Walkthrough

Borderlands 2 Animal Rescue: Medicine Walkthrough

Borderlands 2 Animal Rescue: Medicine is the first quest in a series of optional missions, and can be triggered at the end of the main railroad in Lynchwood, where we find a chained skag.

Scooter will ask us to free this skag named Dukino and take care of him.


“You found a wounded, hungry, friendly skag. Scooter has suggested you to heal and feed him.”

Level: 25


Money: $765

Experience: 5716 XP


The first task in Borderlands 2 Animal Rescue: Medicine is quite simple.

All we have to do is shoot Dukino’s chain.

The skag is wounded, therefore, we need to go in town and find him some puppy medicine.

Because of the town’s structure, we have to be careful, for the fact that the opponents can ambush us very fast.

In order to get the medicine, we climb the stairs near the train tracks, we jump on the roof, and then onto the other building’s roof.

We grab the medicine, and once we have it, we return to Dukino to heal him.

Now that he’s healed, we have to get him some food.

For that we go to the village in the northern side of Lynchwood, where we have to search for five roasted skags which can be grabbed from some food vending stands.

After we get rid of the enemies, the stands are easy to find, because they are scattered only in this area, with the last one being inside the small cave with an elevator.

Once we have all the food, we can go back to Dukino to feed him.

When he’s done eating, we talk to him to complete Borderlands 2 Animal Rescue: Medicine and unlock the next one in line, named Animal Rescue: Food.

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