Borderlands 2 3:10 to Kaboom Walkthrough

Borderlands 2 3:10 to Kaboom Walkthrough

Borderlands 2 3:10 to Kaboom is activated if we check the bounty board from Lynchwood the first time we travel to this specific region.

In Borderlands 2 3:10 to Kaboom Brick tells us that the Sheriff in the town sends all the mined Eridium to Handsome Jack and he wants us to destroy the train used for by him to transport the important mineral.

The name of this mission is a reference to 3:10 to Yuma movie.


“The sheriff of Lynchwood sends every ounce of Eridium from the town mines to her boyfriend, Handsome Jack. Brick wants you to destroy the train she uses to transport this Eridium. First, you’ll have to find a small demolition transport and snag it for yourself.”

Level: 25


Money: $382

Item: Grenade / Grenade

Experience: 5716 XP


Our first objective in Borderlands 2 3:10 to Kaboom is to go to the demolition depository marked on the map and capture the RC train.

Hence, we exit the train station, we take a right, and at the end of the road we use the elevator (the smaller one, not the one in the tunnel) to climb to Death Row Refinery.

The Borderlands 2 3:10 to Kaboom mission timer starts when we are near the button and Brick gives us the instructions. We press the button to activate the RC train, and then we quickly turn around and go to the next button to close the small gate so that the train can’t go any further. Then we grab the bomb cart.

Now we have to go to the next waypoint to place the cart on the train tracks used by the Sheriff’s train.

When the cart is placed on the tracks, Brick tells us to go and use the detonator at the marked location. Also, the Sheriff will share a story about Brick, but we ignore it and we run on the stairs to get to the detonator.

Now, we have to wait for the train to come and load the Eridium, and we press the detonator.

The explosion allows us to complete Borderlands 2 3:10 to Kaboom, and we have to go back to the bounty board to turn it in (depending on when we visit Lynchwood, Brick may have another mission for us, called Breaking the Bank).

Borderlands 2 3:10 to Kaboom Walkthrough

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